Dying Light Makes You Feel like a Zombie-Slaying Spider-Man | VentureBeat

Giancarlo Valdes of VentureBeat writes: " Dying Light is secretly a superhero game.

You don’t get a cool nickname or wear a spandex suit, but after playing the new demo for the open-world zombie game at the giant Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow, I couldn’t stop thinking about how it made me feel a lot like Spider-Man."

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Tolkoto2216d ago

I wish the actual Spider-Man games would be good Spider-Man games.

AgentSmithPS42216d ago

Yes, good and supporting the Morpheus.

I'm glad to hear there's a grappling hook (with a cooldown), I've been using them since games like Quake.
You can even pull enemies towards you :O but don't try it on that 'hulk'.

0ut1awed2216d ago

I'm sure you would love to know where and when Morpheus would be Mr. Smith...

Clown_Syndr0me2216d ago

Did they show this at E3? Somehow I missed it. But Im sure I remember seeing it briefly before, maybe e3 2013? I remember thinking it looked awesome, and now reading this has got me a little excited!

Skate-AK2215d ago

They showed a trailer at this E3 but not at any conference.

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