Multiple Layoffs Hit Gametrailers Lays Off Long Time Employees Days After Acquisition.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1589d ago

Please be Michael Pachter, I am tired of his expert opinions.

Fireseed1589d ago

He doesn't work for GT, however it could mean the end of his web series.

DrKarateChop1589d ago

Rohan has been fired. So it's doubtful the show will continue.

tinynuggins1589d ago

Pachter does even get paid for his web series so I'm sure that's not going anywhere.

guitarded771589d ago

Well, I guess there is a silver lining.

GT just can't keep up with the instant media world we live in. They have great production value, but they're always a step behind the other big sites when it comes to releasing reviews, previews, etc. Their site also doesn't focus on the instant gratification of a blog roll like IGN and GameSpot. I imagined this would happen eventually. Hopefully they can restructure and redesign their website fast. They have a much less "fanboy" driven community as compared to other sites.

kreate1589d ago

pachter doesnt get paid extra for those episodes but he's still on company time so he is technically still getting paid.

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kreate1589d ago

U don't have to listen to him though.

JBSleek1589d ago

I'm not for wishing people to lose their job...

thricetold1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I disagreed, not saying this is the case here but, some people DESERVE to lose their jobs. Incompetence doesn't deserve pity.

JBSleek1589d ago

"I disagreed, not saying this is the case here but, some people DESERVE to lose their jobs. Incompetence doesn't deserve pity."

I stand by my stance on not wishing ill-minded thoughts especially losing ones livelihood on people. Who am I to say someone deserves that...

thricetold1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

And I stand by mine. Tell that to the folks that have lost their life savings because some CEO decided he wanted to skim off the top of their retirement funds so he could pay for a new summer home for his mistress.
Or how about a nba owner who has the mentality of a modern day slave owner. Yeah these people really deserve our sympathy and should carry on with the wonderful job they are doing, am i right?

In what world do YOU and the people who agreed with you live in and is it always sunny there?

Debaitable1589d ago

Nobody forced you to read, listen or watch his videos.

majiebeast1589d ago

NO! Daniel Kayser gone,Rohan Rivas and Ryan Stevens:(

gamerfan09091589d ago

Pachter is not an employee there. He's a well established financial adviser. He does the show for love of it. Plus you're a piece of shit hoping someone loses their job.

HappyWithOneBubble1589d ago

It's not cool to wish that on anyone especially when he haven't done nothing to you. I've got laid off once and it's not a happy feeling so don't say stuff like that because it can happen to you too.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1589d ago

Man, screw Defy Media, this is a absurdly dick move.

SkippyPaccino1589d ago

I know... They fired half (exaggeration) their staff... What was the point of buying a site if you're letting everyone go afterwards? Lol! Why didn't you just start your own?

Well now we know why Final Bosman hasn't done anything after totally ruined his E3 bets... Lol!

Hopefully they pull a giantbomb and start their own site...

DrKarateChop1589d ago

Actually they did fire at least half of their full time staff...

SkippyPaccino1589d ago


I notice that after it was too late when I read the polygon article... Good find

X-Alchemist1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Sad...I've been an avid member of GT since 2008, hope all the best for them in the future.

traumadisaster1589d ago

Happens everywhere, sucks but I wonder if they gave them 2 weeks pay or more if they leave peacefully. A little bit of notice and pay is better than "security is here to escort you out of the building."

Dark_Vendetta1589d ago

WTF? I really liked Daniel Kayser :(

GamingSinceThe80s1589d ago

Me to I guess this means no more Epic Battle Cry,the show I looked forward to most every week.I just got home from work and read an email from sony that gave me a download code for the alpha of destiny and was so happy then I read this and it killed most of that joy instantly.This suck's most because GT was just starting to get rely good again.I wish them all the best of luck on what ever they do next.And if it's another gaming site they will have my clicks.F#%* GT!

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