San Andreas vs. GTA V

Grand Theft Auto is a series ever-improving and always striving to bring the future of gaming to the hands of eager players. Rockstar Games prides themselves on new innovations and refinements to their classic formula of street-level violence. However, like any longtime series, things often get left behind. Sometimes this is intentional and other times it is not. It’s because of this that some fans of the series have done what fans tend to do – argue. To be more specific: argue over what the best game in the GTA series is. While some are sure to point out Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City were the first to throw the franchise into the mainstream, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was so ambitious it even managed to overshadow its next gen follow-up: Grand Theft Auto 4. It is because of this that for a long time San Andreas was considered by many to be the best GTA to date. …until GTA V, of course. A game with its own ambitions and improvements to contribute to the family. With the announcement of GTA V coming to next gen consoles and PC it feels like the perfect opportunity to make a thorough comparison of two games that share a state, a franchise, and the invested hours of so many gamers.

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steve30x1591d ago

I had fun hijacking the train in san andreas. Its a pitty you cant do it in GTA V

hazelamy1591d ago

it would be awesome if you could do that in V, especially considering how unstoppable those things are.