Who Won E3? A Breakdown of the Industry's Biggest Show

Hey Poor Player's Donald Burton gives his verdict on this year's E3 expo, and who he thinks really overcame the competition at the big event.

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Axios21640d ago

Agree with the points and score

NewMonday1640d ago

time spent on games:
Sony: about 1 hour
MS: about 1 hour
Nintendo: just 30 minutes

total number of games shown:
Sony: 42
MS: 40
Nintendo: just 12 games

number of exclusives:
Sony: 20+
MS: 12
Nintendo: 10 games

anyone objective would have to call the win for Sony

Pogmathoin1640d ago

time showing games:

Sony: 1 hour 48 minutes
MS: 1 hour 30 minutes
Nintendo: just 47 minutes

total number of games shown:

Sony: 42
MS: 40
Nintendo: just 12 games

Posted by you in another article NewMonday. At least stick to a story, and do not compare yourself to objective, you are bitter fanboy, nothing else.... You seem to have a really hard time accepting the fact that this years E3 was not a SonyFest..... You also call me out for having one bubble.... Well sorry I do not form a group here of lonely fanboys and systemically bubble down anyone who does not agree with you, and bubble up your fanboy posse group for comments like Xbox sucks.... I do not care if I have one bubble, its a sign of Sony fanboy dominance here and nothing more..... If your upset, go write another blog whining about non Sony fanboys ruining your life here..... Maybe Dedicated, Iamsuperman and the others will do a group hug with you.......

wonderfulmonkeyman1640d ago

A pretty evenly-done score, there.
Very safe.

yankolo1640d ago sensing a sonyfanwave jajajajaajaj....

Jdoki1640d ago

Ah, a 'who won E3' article. I've been waiting for a new one. The previous 500 on N4G have just not cut to the heart of the matter or really provided the insight I was looking for!


medman1640d ago

Your sarcasm is biting. Well done sir.

BattleN1640d ago

medman is making fun about you, what ya ganna do?

Gamer-401640d ago


AC Unity.
The Witcher 3.
Batman Arkham Knight.
Zelda WiiU.

White Ps4.

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