Directly To You: Nintendo Wins E3 On Its Own Terms

Eurogamer writes: "In my decade as a games journalist, and during many preceding years as an amateur industry-watcher, I've had a consistent watchword: never write off Nintendo. The Kyoto company is tenacious, inventive, wealthy enough to weather a long storm, and it just loves making games. After E3 2014, I'm not going to be changing my stance."

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Moonman2215d ago

*Luigi death stares the haters*

animegamingnerd2215d ago

after he throws a Blue Shell at them

NewMonday2215d ago

the Eurogamer writer admits he is a Nintendo fanboy so objective reporting goes out the door.

unfortunately failing to commit 3rd party support just proves the WiiU will most likly be done after this wave of games, it will be resigned to the extra luxury console role.

the best way to put is is that as a games publisher, yes Nintendo had a good show, but as a platform holder it had the worst show, maybe their worst ever.

lilbroRx2215d ago

@NewMonday, you are really making an effort to downplay this article. Were you pointing out how that other article that said Sony won was just blindly praising

Do you usually go on articles from dual-shocker articles to talk about how they don't report objectively?

I've yet to actually see anything from e3 as I don't have access to a stable enough connection to watch the videos, but after it finished, most sites and forums I went to around the net were of the opinion that Nintendo had the best e3 and Sony had the worst. I couldn't say for myself yet, but that is what I've consistently seen in most places that wasn't a Sony fansite(like this one).

NewMonday2215d ago


that's call wearing tinted glasses you see what you like, you don't see what you hate, reality is far from this.

Vegamyster2215d ago


"he WiiU will most likly be done after this wave of games"


Realplaya2215d ago

@ NewMonday Are you serious they went for all the third parties they could. Third parties were on board then they did half ass ports of decade old games and expected Wii U owners to go out and buy them. Now owners such as myself saw reviews of the games and said wait I aint spending $60 on a game that's not good and is cheaper on last gen systems. The funny is the same 3rd parties you love so much are still pumping out the same games on the other two systems with no changes to the formula. Oh yeah and unlike Sony and Microsoft Nintendo is not throwing money at developers to not even try to make the game sale. But Nintendo has to do like the greatest teams and build there Strengthen there console through the draft (In house). The Legend of Zelda started a ripple effect at E3 that game showed that you can create great looking games that will be classics without 8 Gigs. When Bayonneta sales there is no reason for 3rd parties to say They can't sell games.

animegamingnerd2215d ago

@NewMonday i like how you basically called him a nintendo fanboy and yet your clearly showing your sony bias but there is nothing wrong with that since being bias is pretty much human nature and besides Nintendo announced games for both their platforms unlike Sony who doesn't care about the Vita to the point of dropping the Vita name from the Vita TV for its western release

NewMonday2215d ago


a biased person would cherry pick convenient information and ignore everything else

for example you said Sony didn't announce Vita games which is false, the expo actual had many new Vita games on display and much much more than the WiiU.

on the other hand I did say Nintendo did a very good job as games publisher, but they are also platform holders and failing to attract 3rd party will hurt WiiU owners that was their responsibility and they failed.

..that is how to be objective.

animegamingnerd2215d ago

@NewMonday you want me to objective then alright Sony and Microsoft failed at showing first party exclusives that are being developed by their studios and will release in 2014 compare to Nintendo

(note i can be wrong on exclusives on all 3 ends so correct me if i am wrong)

Sony First Party Exclusives that is a retailgame for 2014 for both Vita and PS4

PS4:DriveClub (i am not counting Little Big Planet 3 since you don't need a PS4 to Play it)

Vita: nothing from Sony just Indie and very Niche games

Xbox One: Sunset OverDrive. (not counting Froza Horizon or Master Chief Collection since all of those games are on other systems)

Nintendo:Hyrule Warrios, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad (not couning Smash since while there are some major differences between Wii U and 3DS the character roaster and core mechanics are basically the same)

3DS: nothing that is a true exclusive that are being made by Nintendo its big games are Smash which is also on Wii U and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes

and focusing on 3rd party multiplats over first party games is a bad thing due to the fact that is shows some can say that Sony and Microsoft have no games and only relie on third parties for games and comes to it unless if you only buy one console per a gen its a bad thing for multiplatform gamers to see that first parties value multiplats more then their own exclusives it shows that it best to only get one of them if both consoles basically have in a nutshell the game library

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2pacalypsenow2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

What haters? So people that don't like Nintendo are haters , and also you have to be on top to have " haters" Nintendo is not

miyamoto2215d ago

For me Nintendo's showing was a breath of fresh air from most of the dark and violent stuff we have seen from M$. Sony, Ubisoft, EA etc. and I appreciate Yoshi's Wool & the Open World Zelda game as much as the most die hard Nintendo fan out there but Eurogamer is not a very credible source of legitimate video game appreciation. I'd rather take Aonuma and MIyamoto-san's word for it

BoneBone2215d ago

Sony fanboys and MS fanboys suddenly argue "you can't win E3".

TheTowelBoy2215d ago

And Nintendo fanboys wouldn't say that if the tables were turned? Lol fanboys in general are terrible.

lilbroRx2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

No, they wouldn't. Though, then again, Nintendo fans are rarely like the rabid fanboys that plague the media. You don't usually see them running into good news about other systems to trash talk or down play while kicking dirt at the other camp like PlayStation fans often do.

Most of them speak from first hand experience rather than assumptions like this. That article that was at the top earlier today that claimed Sony won e3 is a good example. It was filled with the most rabbid, hypocritical bias. Hardly any Nintendo fans popped in. There was no point.

I'm a person who likes to give credit and criticism where its do in scale. I'm not going to equate someone who punches 1 person in the face with someone beats down ten people with hammer while saying that "they both used violence so ones no better than the other". Nintendo fans aren't perfect, but they are miles from being like Microsoft fans, and Sony fans are by far the worst when it comes to bias and hypocrisy.

I don't generalize everyone together when the severity of their actions are miles apart. Nintendo fans are generally well behaved.

herbs2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Well stated lilbroRx.
I have been cruising through various gaming and other sites steadily for well over 15 years now and I have observed that a substantial portion of Sony's vocal fanbase are among the most immature people on the Internet and they seem to posses the most double standards by far. So many of them act like spoiled entitled children on a very consistent basis most likely because they consist of exactly that.

wonderfulmonkeyman2215d ago

We didn't do so when they were turned in the past.
We stuck to our guns, criticized Nintendo for their flaws, praised the few things we liked, and moved on, instead of sticking around to constantly bash when it just wasn't needed.

jcnba282215d ago

Nintendo killed it this year, 2 new IPs, Zelda reveal, StarFox announcement, Smash event, three days of live streaming.. definitely their best E3 in awhile.

GoPanthers9992215d ago

Yeah, talk to you in 12 months when you are still waiting on most of the newly announced games.

voodoochild3462215d ago

I fail to see what that has to do with their conference. You must be one of those fanboys I've heard so much about.

Realplaya2215d ago

What do you think you'll be doing in the meantime. Yep waiting for games until 2015. As a matter of fact Nintendo has more system selling games coming out this year than Sony and Microsoft.

wonderfulmonkeyman2215d ago

Try talking to a mirror and you'll make more sense; Nintendo has more projects coming this year than the other two, and that's not even including indies.

GoPanthers9992215d ago

Listen, I have a Wii U. I have watched painfully as my kids wait for Super Smash Brothers for over a year, a game I hope arrives before Christmas. I understand Nintendo is on a 5 to 8 year cycle for games and tests them fully before releasing. I do agree they had a great Digital Conference, I just know not to get giddy about games that will not be out until late 2015. Love the console, but games are very limited. MS and Sony will have 2 to 3 times the library of Wii U by Christmas 2014.

Fixay2215d ago

I was going to have my say and call you a fanboy lol

I'm glad you actually own a WiiU and have this opinion though, so many people have an opinion without even owning the console!

I do agree though, Nintedno had a very good E3 but many of the big hitters are 2015 releases and not much else to tide you over until then besides smash, that toad game I couldn't care less about and I think splatoon.

PS4 n X1 have a similar deal with most big hitters in 2015 but they have a ton of 3rd party stuff coming out that the wait won't be as bad

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2215d ago

evah heard of Nintendo Directs

voodoochild3462215d ago

The majority of those games are not something you want kids playing since you did say this is about your kids. Also look at the lists again and you'll notice that the majority of games on all systems are coming in 2015. In fact Nintendo has about the same amount of exclusives coming out this year as the other 2 companies. Unless your "kids" are going to be on MGS V .ir something similar, your argument is invalid since none of the systems have much coming out this year except ports with a couple exclusives sprinkled in.

GoPanthers9992214d ago

Wow! Great to see all the Nintendo love, seeing all the disagrees with my comments. My hope is, unlike all the folks that were in line with my family at Best Buy to try out Smash Brothers, you folks actually OWN a Wii U. Everyone we talked to last week was there to play the demo, but did NOT own a Wii U. My wishes are that families buy the console, it is lots of fun, and Nintendo supports the console, gets 3rd party support and expands online capability. And yes, my family has a Wii U and most of the major games for it, great system.

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TheTowelBoy2215d ago

I agree. They had a very good e3. Goes to show that Ninty does still got it!

ritsuka6662215d ago

Devil's Third best game from E3 Nintendo IMO.

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