Nintendo jabs at PS Vita, says 3DS is consumers 'handheld of choice'

New comments from Reggie Fils-Aime seem directly aimed at Sony's PS Vita console even if he doesn't mention it by name.

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jujubee881589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It certainly is not for this "consumer" (idk the context or meaning behind how that was used).

But, he's the NOA CEO of Nintendo so what else can one expect? It's like when Jack Tretton said VITA is only for teens adults and 3DS/DS is for kids or whatever.

I'll continue loving my VITA, thank you very much!


jujubee881589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It's the lies. That's what gets me going! XD

Based on sales does not make (a consumer) make me want to pick up a 3DS over a VITA right now. So it is a lie @ABizzel1.

ABizzel11589d ago

Well, it is. Based on sales at least.

Just like the PS4 is the "console of choice" for consumers.

The Vita's problems are weird to me, and IMO a big deal of that has to do with big AAA games, marketing, price, and competition.

Debaitable1589d ago

I have a 3ds and for me it feels like I'm playing a psone emulator. The 3D is ok, nothing spectacular. I personally would have enjoyed it more if they pushed the graphics more.

3-4-51589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I own both a 3DS & Vita and have definitely played many more games on the 3DS, but I've also owned it longer.

I prefer the game selection on 3DS compared to Vita SO FAR, but I do like both handhelds for what they do.

* I can't play U:MvC3 or MLB The show 13 on 3DS....not even close

* I can't play like 20-30 awesome games on Vita though...( that are on the 3DS)

They each have their benefits.

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mrbojingles1589d ago

He's the President of Nintendo's American branch. He isn't the company's CEO overall

PSNintyGamer1589d ago

How do you have so many bubbles? I'm sort of jealous

Eonjay1589d ago

LOL, just tell the truth, the bubbles will come.

randomass1711589d ago

I can vouch for this! I started with three and got two pretty quickly. And most of my comments are just positivity toward stuff I like lol.

GdaTyler1589d ago

I used to have five, but I told somebody off who was blasting the Vita in one thread and they took bubbles from me instead. I always seem to attract bad luck anyways. :(

Fireseed1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Yeah it's about as much of a jab as when some one says "The hottest selling X"... doesn't mean they're putting down Y.

Idk man. I find Sony fanboys have like paper thin skin and take EVERYTHING offensively.

jujubee881589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It is a lie, though. Wtf, all "consumers". So what about the guy I saw at school the other day jamming on some SFvsT on his VITA? Or me right now using it as a PMP to listen to a youtube music vide0 titled, "Most beautiful Ambient Lounge Music 2014".

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhh! :D

edit: I guess at this point it's splitting hairs. If Nintendo wants to say they dominate the mind-share of handhelds right now, then no duh. Another E3 with barely much VITA on stage. But not this guy: *thumbs aim to self*

@fireseed: Did I take away your ammunition so now your just posting .gif in order to troll me? I don't understand your methods...

Eonjay1589d ago

Agreed. But a lot of it is baiting. I am a "Sony" guy but I also don't take things personally. The 3DS is doing great, and that doesn't bother me. Its not a jab, its a fact.

Fireseed1589d ago


Oh I don't mean Sony fans, they're perfectly fine.

I'm talking about fanboys. Regardless of what allegiance they hold fanboys are scum. But each type have special attributes and traits.

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its_JEFF1589d ago

I agree, it's not really a jab... and he really isn't saying anything that's false. The consumers have spoken, they like the 3DS a lot more than the Vita.

Whxian1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

more like they like the games on the 3ds alot more.

the 3ds itself as a console wasnt doing good in the begining because 3d wasnt what people really wanted.

games made it sell because nintendo not only has their own games like mario and pokemon that are extremely popular but also got games like monster hunter on their console this generation.

i have both and i would have loved for vita to be atleast be selling as much as 3ds, because if for nothing else, its capablities would allow better graphics on games.

its_JEFF1589d ago

@Wh87 I also think that the price drop made a big difference. I think Vita is a fine system, but the price tag is just a bit much for a lot of people to swallow. Maybe Sony could try and do a handheld that was more akin to the 3DS? something not so high powered and touted as a console experience on the go... IDK, just thinking out loud. Then they could release the classic remakes/reboots on that system: Crash, Daxter, Jumping Flash!!! etc.

PSNintyGamer1589d ago

@Wh87, so you're telling me that the games sold a console? (Face_shocked)

Whxian1589d ago

i agree that price might also have something to do with it, however im not sure having same specs at 3ds would be the solution. my intention with buying one as an rpg gamer, was for it to replace ps2 as a console (with close graphical quality) for rpgs/jrpg like persona 4 golden etc, but clearly and sadly that has not happened, instead smt4 and bravely default and soon persona q have instead been released for the 3ds which made be buy a 3ds.

yes i just felt i had to make that clear, because you make it sound like 3ds is a superior console of some sort, while the difference in specs between it an vita are bigger than xbone and ps4. clearly psvitas higher specs didnt help it beat the 3ds, but i dont think 3ds' specs are good either, essentially something in balance would have been better, maybe if they cut the costs of 3d and raised the 3ds' spec a bit? atleast what i think.

its_JEFF1589d ago

@Wh87 You bring up a good point, it would be hard to go back to graphics that are subPS2. I was just trying to think of ideas that could cut down on cost.

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elhebbo161589d ago

Well they cetainly earned that title. Sales+games there's no competition.

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