NVIDIA shows off Tegra on video

Engadget: Yesterday we told you about NVIDIA's new mobile platform, Tegra, and today, we've got some videos from the company showing off the system, and giving you a good impression of just how much less juice this architecture uses compared to the competition. Check the videos demonstrating the systems lean energy needs, HDMI output capabilities, blazing fast gaming, and that fancy UI we keep telling you about.

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Intel Atom vs Nvidia Tegra, size/voltage comparison

Tegra playing HD video and outputting to HDTV

Intuitive 3D User Interface with Planet 9's RayGun Navigator

Quake 3 in WVGA resolution with AA/AF at 35FPS
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shine13964933d ago

nvidia and via are now together...things are heating up...

Dashmoney1014933d ago

will it have enough support to really get off the ground

Kakkoii4932d ago

It's already off the ground... That's why it's at Computex.

Nvidia already has many buyers lined up.