Bungie promises 'huge batch' of Destiny alpha codes shortly

Gamers who are yet to get access to this weekend’s Destiny alpha don’t despair just yet, as developer Bungie is trying to remedy such concerns by unleashing another huge batch of codes at some point today.

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JakemanPS319942215d ago

Really digging this game! :D Everything controls so smoothly and its a real joy to play :O one thing that really took me by surprise is the PVP... and not in the bad way :P cant wait till 9/9/14

SuperBlunt2215d ago

i am floored at how great this game plays. destiny is going to be truly special

gamertk4212215d ago

Just got one. I can't remember signing up for it...

0P-Tigrex2215d ago

They need to change the announcer's voice.. i'd make it female.

DoubleYourDose2215d ago

What percentage of PS4 owners are going to get this code? I just got one and I never get anything.

JackOfAllBlades2215d ago

I signed up for it and still haven't got mine..

ginsunuva2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I never signed up for it and I got one lol.

Alphas are the new Betas.

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The story is too old to be commented.