E3 2014: 'Evolve' releases the Kraken | USAT

Brett Molina:
"Whenever players start a competitive first-person shooter match online, their first priority may involve finding a perch to snipe enemies or staking position for an ambush.

In 2K Games' action title Evolve, I need to eat."

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Fullbucket1677d ago

Looking forward to this. Although that creature reminds me more so of Cthulhu than the Kraken.

AgentSmithPS41677d ago

I watched E3 streams of this with "Mr Slave" as the announcer, it was funny. Some complained about balance but they really didn't have enough info to judge correctly.

I do hope people complain about having to hold a button to eat as a monster, that will get old fast when you have to eat so many animals to reach lvl 3.

WeAreLegion1676d ago

The Kraken was winning most of the matches at E3. If you have even one bad player in your party, you won't be able to win. Team work is absolutely necessary to win. You can't just carry the team. You have to help them. That being said, it's insanely fun.

Stapleface1676d ago

Sounds good. Once people get more time with the hunters and can get their strategies worked out, the balance should even back out. It certainly looks very fun to play.

Skate-AK1676d ago

Cthulhu! Can't wait for this game.