Rumour: Sleeping Dogs HD Heading to PS4/XO/PC

gamrReview's Patrick Day-Childs: "UK retailer Shopto has listed Sleeping Dogs HD for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, with a November release date."

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XiSasukeUchiha1742d ago

Sleeping Dogs for Xbone and PS4 what's next!? the Naruto Storm series lol

Abash1742d ago

Oh man I LOVE Sleeping Dogs, I'd kill to play an enhanced version on PS4

ShutUpDonny1742d ago

YES! I know it's not the best game of last gen, but it's one of my favorite. What an amazing story and fun gameplay.

UltimateMaster1742d ago

Yeah, that's all I've ever wanted, re-purchase every single 7th gen games on the next gen consoles.

At this point, make it free for those who has it, or invest your money in making new games.

I'd rather have a sequel instead.

Razputin1742d ago

Just like the movie industry, the gaming industry is getting lack luster with HD remakes and ridiculous sequels.

I love Sleeping Dogs, got all achievements on the PC version, but why on earth does the PC version need an HD version when the game released with an HD texture pack?

What is going on here?

XiNarutoUzumaki1742d ago

Our Series would be an amazing remaster for PS4

Magicite1742d ago

kinda pricey for a remake?

jackanderson19851742d ago

Last year was year of the zombies. This year the year of the remasters. If they offer a significant discount for prior owners I'll go all over it. If not fook em

DeadlyFire1741d ago

Would be best I believe if they did a doublepack on PS4/XB1. Say Sleeping Dogs 1 HD(ALL DLC) + Sleeping Dogs 2 in the same package for $60-80 bucks. Seems reasonable to me.

MrSwankSinatra1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

So what is the point of PlayStation Now if every company is re-releasing their old catalog of last generation games on the PS4? Already we have:

- Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
- The Last Of Us Remastered
- Grand Theft Auto V
- Metro 2033/Metro: Last Light
- Injustice: Gods Among Us
- The Wolf Among Us/The Walking Dead: Season 1 & 2
- Rayman Legends

An we all know that this is going to continue.

Lucreto1742d ago

With rumours of Uncharted Collection and Mass Effect Trilogy I say it is far from finished.

Cloudberry1742d ago

Well, this is the first time I heard about the Uncharted collection.

Uncharted collection at 1080p + 60fps?

UltimateMaster1742d ago

Between buying them all again 60$ or renting them online?

I'd rather have a sequel to those games than remakes.

Don't buy any of them.

buttclown1742d ago

Only one I have purchased so far is Tomb Raider, only because I never got to play it last gen when it came out. The rest of those titles I have played except Rayman, never really played that series before.

I will be picking up the Halo Master Chief Collection though, 4 games for 60 bucks with the original Halo 2 mp? Yes please, huge nostalgia trip for me.

Borma1742d ago

Yea there will probably be more remasters announced. But the ones you've listed are pretty good series that have a great chance of selling well again. I would imagine some series wouldn't sell well for a 2nd time even if remastered. Besides there are literally hundreds of games for PS3 and it would be crazy to remaster them all. I finally got into PS Now Beta, and for example one of the rentals is Sniper 2. Personally I would love for Sniper 1 and 2 to be remastered but would it sell gangbusters to be worth it?

Rickgrimes951742d ago

I would rather have sleeping dogs 2:(

Wintersun6161742d ago

This. So much this.

I don't see a point in remastering last gen games. The difference isn't really that big. I'm a lot more excited for the remake of Ratchet & Clank than any of these PS3/X360 era game remasters.

Oschino19071742d ago

Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars has been in development for well over a year. Will prob be out in 2015.

Don't see why so many seem to be steadfast in this notion that remasters somehow stop/slow/hinder or cause developers/publishers to ignore new IPs and sequels.

Also any possible drawback would easily be overcome by the extra exposure to new and more overall people and getting attention back from those who played and moved on.

Plus like many devs/publishers have stated, updating late last gen games for next gen as overhauled remasters has given them time to become familiar with next gen hardware hence able to squeeze out more for the sequels and new IPs.

USMC_POLICE1742d ago

Rayman don't belong on that list lol

DeadlyFire1741d ago

Porting must be cheap and alot more reasonable than some have been claiming.

Gamer19821741d ago

The point is not every game is going to get re-released. Only major titles will and not every gamer likes the big AAA titles.. Not to mention the fact that if Sony keeps there promise if we already own a digital game on ps store we get it free on PS Now.

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Rik_Mayall1742d ago


I already have the HD texture pack installed and it looks glorious.

xJumpManx1742d ago

Yea I do to but poor console folk never saw that game with those high textures its a big difference. Their is no need for this game on pc but console only players do.

elhebbo161741d ago

you cant be poor if you buy the same game twice just for abump in res and fps.

Vegamyster1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Me too, bought the game for $4 on Steam a few months ago.

elhebbo161742d ago

lol paying twice for the same game in HD, and they say console gaming is cheaper.

tee_bag2421741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Lol tell me about it. How hard does a fanboy need to bend over before they realize their a$$ is getting reamed.

Crossbones1742d ago

No!!! Stop it with these remasters already. Give me my Sleeping Dogs Triad Wars already >:(

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