New Screenshots From Let It Die Released

Four new screenshots have been released today that give some insight into the game’s world. In the new screens, a pants-less character is shown strangling foes, shooting crossbows and generally destroying his foes.

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febzilla2903d ago

Looks like it's a lot if fun,

G20WLY2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

It looks freakin' brutal!

Mortal Kombat has competition in the beating-people-to-a-pulp race!

AgentSmithPS42903d ago

Today is a good day (for them) to die.

When I play this I'll kill anyone wearing those spandex diapers.

Legendary-Status2903d ago

Im being thrown into the Hunger Game's Survival is a must lol

ABizzel12903d ago

Graphically looks like a Next-gen Borderlands.

snowbearder2903d ago

Now I'm gonna need a PS4 for sure

Malphite2903d ago

Because of this game? Have I missed some information because I'm not really sure what it's about. From what I've seen it looks really weird.

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