Can Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Rekindle the Franchise’s Former Glory?

"Call of Duty has been a household name ever since we were blessed with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare back in 2007. The game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision . After its release, it forever changed the gaming community with its modern day setting, brisk gameplay, impressive visuals, and simple control scheme..."

-Dalton Galvan

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JetsFool35001591d ago

The days of a innovative COD are long gone

Rogert1590d ago

Have you played Advanced Warfare?

Matt6661590d ago

they say it going to be next gen COD but you couldn't see your legs during game play (only during cut-scenes), yes that good... -_-(considering older games like Halo 2 and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 you could see your legs during gameplay)
There is no excuse for leaving out the smaller details anymore, I know it still in development but the story line looked linear as with every COD so I not going to hold my breath for it.

Flutterby1590d ago

They ask the same thing every year yet COD stays the same and still sells.

levian1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Honestly. It doesn't matter if it wins back the people who left or not. They're gonna make hundreds of millions every year either way.

Redrum0591590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Until Activision unites the COD teams and abandons the yearly installments, ima stay as far away from their bullshit as possible. I don't mean to offend any one when I say this but, COD junkies that pay $60 bucks yearly for minor improvements and tiny innovations for each installments, are no different then iPhone/galaxy junkies that pay +/- $100 yearly for an upgrade to a iPhone/galaxy that has small ass improvements. The practice makes me sick.

Activision, take 2-3 years off, and blow us away with a COD game that we'll never see coming. Til then, your glory that once was is nothing but rotten Milk to me.

Oschino19071590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

A better comparison would be to subscription based games since you are talking annual cost and games, not phones. Also not like you have to get rid of the last years version. They aren't nearly the same or "copy/paste" as some claim it to be.

COD every year with all it's content between single player, multiplayer, co-op, etc... would be $5 a month to play. I don't see how it's nearly as bad as you and others imply.

Add in the DLC as updates every few months with more content and it's only $8-$10 a month with optional micro transactions like most subscription based games.

Plus it's not like there are never sales or ways to get it cheaper over time or at launch. I got Ghosts with season pass for $90 by preordering on PSN during a deal. So that's only $7.50 a month. Not a bad deal at all unless you don't like the game which seems most vocal complainers don't regardless of price.

ZombieKiller1590d ago

Despite who has played it and who hasn't that isn't the point. COD will never return to "it's glory days"
Glory days have been lost behind a paywall.

Looking at all the options we USED to have like 10 custom classes, $5 map packs and whatnot, then seeing what the game is now I guess it can return to the glory days.....they just need $120+ per year for it to happen. /s

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KonsoruMasuta1590d ago

The futuristic shooter thing is getting old. I really miss the WW2 shooters.

spence524901590d ago

a new WW2 shooter is much needed. Looking at you EA, bring medal of honor back to its roots, but don't let Dice touch it.

SpinalRemains1381590d ago

Me too.

I never wanted them to go away.

There's something very balanced about the weaponry from WW2. There were no super weapons and the entire experience tailors itself to a much better video game experience.

ZombieKiller1590d ago

I agree. I hope Treyarch does WW2 flashback scenes in Black Ops 2. I think that is as close as we are going to get with WW2 in the next few years from Activision.

TheSaint1590d ago

They need to raise their game for sure, it's been too long since MW2.

crusf1590d ago

If this game did not have the title Call of Duty this community would be all over it.

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