Final Fantasy Type-O 1080p Emulated Screens Show How The Game Might Look On PS4

The images are at 1080p resolution and have 4x upscaled textures.

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Number-Nine2222d ago

How about some FF type 15?

sonypsnow2222d ago

FF15 need more cash, plus XB1 esram complexity, to accelerate FF15 development, Please Buy Final Fantasy Type-O HD.

XiNarutoUzumaki2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

A PSP port won't look so good unless it's remade

CloudyAero2222d ago

That's how they're doing Kingdom Hearts BBS for PS3 and it looks quite good. So I don't think it has to be fully re made.

sonypsnow2222d ago

Unlike PS3,

PS4 could use Pre-rendered cutscene Character Models in Real-Time. Similar to PS4 Last of Us.

LAWSON722222d ago

You should see KH BBS emulated at 1080p it looks better than KH 1 and 2

CloudyAero2221d ago

Wow, I just youtubed it!
It does look good!

nope1112222d ago

Too bad we won't get to see how it looks on MY VITA F*** YOU SE!

imXify2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I don't mind it's on PS4, but jesus... Xbox One ?

They think they will sell more copies on Xbox One than Vita? A home console people bought to play FPS games, not RPGs...

nope1112222d ago

Yes, SE thinks it'll sell more on the Brobox than on the device where all localization requests came from.

Qrphe2222d ago

Bittersweet news, but hey, at least there is remote play

solidjun52222d ago

Remote play, my friend. I was mad as well, until I realized the awesome feature. But I can feel your predicament. If you're in a train, you can't play it. :(

multiplatgamer2222d ago

Why do you want it on a portable device after the generation of mostly mediocre spinoffs on PSP from Square Enix? I'm tired of playing RPG's on the PSP, 3DS and Vita.

The Great Melon2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

This is really frustrating as they have the PSP version already which happens to run on the VITA. All they need to do is the localization which needs to happen anyways for the HD remake. It was developed as a portable game, so I would expect it to be release on a portable device. Also, Japan tends to prefer handheld games, so it comes across a little strange to neglect that market even if the console presence in the West is stronger that the East. Finally, if Sony are about to release the playstation TV which happens to play VITA games, you would expect a little support from other companies (and Sony) to get playable VITA content on it.

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Illusive_Man2222d ago

Should look just fine on both the Xbox One and PS4.

JackOfAllBlades2222d ago

Wonder if the Xbox One version will be 720p


Dewitt2222d ago

Then why even say anything?

rajman2222d ago

The only thing that looks good in the 1st screenshot is the face, everything else looks bad so this is nowhere near what the PS4 version 'might' look like

DonDon2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I don't care that much about graphics. The sooner it comes out, the better. Plus if it doesn't remodel the characters & settings, then Square won't have to spend too much money localizing--which might mean the game will be cheaper for us. Like the price of an indie game, about $15-$35.

But I think they should still make a Vita and PS3 version too. After all, PS3 also has 70 million users, many of which have fond memories with the Final Fantasy series.

I can live with that!

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