Why This PlayStation Fanboy is Excited For Halo: The Master Chief Collection

At E3 2014, Microsoft announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection– giving gamers the first opportunity, ever, to play the entire Master Chief saga, all on one disc. I was fortunate enough to have a moment with 343 Studio Head, Bonnie Ross, behind closed doors to check out the Halo Master Chief Collection. -The Game Fanatics

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christocolus2220d ago

343i have outdone themselves with this collection.I know people who aint even xbox fans but are willing to go out and buy an xbox one and this game at launch. Combining all 4halo games, halo5 beta, 100mp maps and the upcoming tv series is a dream come true for any halo fan.

etownone2220d ago

Best value in gaming ever

3-4-52220d ago

I've played and loved every Halo game except for Halo 4. That game was trash + worst maps ever.

* This quite honestly, literally is the best value within a $60 game ever created and it's really not up for debate.

^ I'm hoping the rest of the industry waked up a bit and realize that they can GIVE us a ton of stuff and still make a large profit themselves.

* By including the other games all in one, they've essentially AT LEAST Tripled their Life Time sales of this game.

Halo 2 HD would have sold well, but not nearly as good if it didn't include the entire Halo catalog with it.

* I had a 360, but Microsoft frustrated me and I told myself I wouldn't not be getting an XB1.

This Halo Collection has me re-thinking my plans.

4Sh0w2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Info:

Unifies the entire Master Chief saga 1, 2, 3, and 4 on one disc, under one simple interface, on XBOX One.

Upgraded Graphics, Graphics swapping

Halo Nightfall episodic saga by Ridley Scott

The Halo 5: Guardians Beta

All 4 Halo games completely unlocked

Pick and choose what single player missions you want to play seamlessly from each game.

The multiplayer will have every map ever shipped included running on their original engines.

Only $60!

-This is just a insane value for ANY gamer, for Halo fans it's like gaming heaven.

TheFirstClassic2220d ago

Halo 2 anniversary is gonna be awesome. That was the best halo imo.

LAWSON722220d ago

Sadly I missed the online when it was in its prime so Halo 3 is my favorite

URtheWalrus2220d ago

Me as well. I've been with Xbox since the beginning, but only have Live for a little over a year so the only Halo I've ever played online was 4.

crayon132220d ago ShowReplies(2)
Eonjay2220d ago

I'm excited for it to because its such a great package. Look at all the content. It reminds me of the Kingdom Heart Remix Collector Editions. So much value on one disc!

Ghost_Nappa2220d ago

Play the halo ce trial on pc. Tons of fun. Cant wait to playt he full trial on console

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