PS4 & Xbox One Won't Be Able To Match The Raw Power of A Decent Gaming PC Anytime Soon: Futuremark

"Futuremark is a company that provides popular PC and mobile benchmarks which includes 3DMark and PCMark. Their tools have also been used in measuring DirectX 12's performance and how the new API will reduce CPU overload by 50%."

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mushroomwig1640d ago

Pretty much spot on with that comment, the only people who do seem to care are the fan boys and elitists. We hear the same thing every generation now and it's getting really tiring to be honest.

uth111640d ago

if graphics are the only thing that matter to you, then you get a PC.

If there are other things that matter, like cost and total user experience, then I'm afraid the PC doesn't stack up so well.

I say this as a long-time PC gamer

amiga-man1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Yet for all the PC's so called power, they will never come close to the simplicity and ease of use of consoles, developers can also make far more use of the power they have simply because a consoles specs are known, they are not having to program for different devices and there is no front end like windows hogging resources.

Consoles are simply more convenient.

sorane1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


"I say this as a long-time PC gamer"

I love when you ps4 fanboys say things like this. You do realize people can look at your comment history right? It's ps4 ps4 ps4 ps4 while bashing everything pc and xbox.

"If there are other things that matter, like cost and total user experience, then I'm afraid the PC doesn't stack up so well."

That couldn't be further from the truth and any "long-time PC gamer" would know this.

DoctorJones1640d ago

Article says - PS4 & Xbox One Won't Be Able To Match The Raw Power of A Decent Gaming PC Anytime Soon.

Which = truth

amiga-man says - Yet for all the PC's so called power, they will never come close to the simplicity and ease of use of consoles

Which = nothing to do with the article.

amiga-man1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


"I say this as a long-time PC gamer"

I love when you ps4 fanboys say things like this. You do realize people can look at your comment history right? It's ps4 ps4 ps4 ps4 while bashing everything pc and xbox.

Sorane, I too was a long time PC gamer, I stopped when the PS3 came along because I got tired of the continual maintenance, I enjoyed PC gaming and there are certain games that are more suited to PC's than consoles, but I wouldn't go back.

And if you look at my comment history you will see nothing but PS3 and PS4 comments, do you seriously think that means I never gamed on a PC?

DoctorJones: amiga-man says - Yet for all the PC's so called power, they will never come close to the simplicity and ease of use of consoles

Which = nothing to do with the article.

Of course it does, your just too blind to see it.

UltraNova1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Its obvious that this guy did not see Uncharted 4's E3 trailer.

Now dont get me wrong when it comes to power both next gem consoles were outdated the very day they were designed, however I prefer what my eyes can see rather hanging onto numbers, and i cant see a single game on PC as of now that can hold a candle against UC4.

user56695101640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Here we go PS fanboys disinformation and denial. Seem odd that they Dont care when professionals use common sense, but hang on to every word of PR and devs hyping their game up. Use 1080p on ps4 you'll have an instant hit in a PS fanboys eyes.y'all do realize this is he's profession, so one game using tricks to look good and not rendering as much us not the same as a game rendering way more but looks slightly below the other. They benchmarks stress systems for overall power. Just like how a corridor shooter can look better than a open world game, its where you use that power. But console gamers are new to this they try not to see the whole picture

Long-term PC cheaper. User experience is subjective but I would say the quality put into making a better experience it leagues ahead on PC.I could press two buttons in I have game guides to the game I'm playing. I trade trophy for money. More dedicated servers, mods, stronger game community that support games they love. Not locked down by a single voice chat, custom games mugen and RPG maker, free mp, custom maps on server, etc... I could go on forever. I have even list why steam UI is leagues better than the ones on consoles besides the two button to get strategy guide.

Are you sure your a PC gamer? Are you doing it right? Are you talking about brain dead I don't want to think pick up and play?

TheGreatAndPowerful1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Has he seen Uncharted 4 yet? I have yet to see anything that looks that good on PC hardware.. and I'm not talking about a demo but a real game like UC4.

blackmagic1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

This price/performance myth of consoles is seriously still alive?!

PS4 - $400
1 game/month ($60) for 6 years (console generation length) - $4320
Online fee for 6 years - $300
Total - $5020

PC - $1316
1 game.month ($50) for 6 years - $3600
Online fee for 6 years - $0
Total - $4916

AND look what you get with the PC!
6 times the raw GPU power
3 times the raw CPU power
7 times the memory bandwidth
4 times the storage
3 times the RAM

Seriously, the PS4 measures 1.84 TFLOPS GPU, 176GB/s memory bandwith, 1.6Ghz 8 core mobile processor, 8 GB 256bit GDDR5 RAM, 500GB HD compared to what?

PC measures 10.6 TFLOPS GPU, 657GB/s memory bandwidth, 3.5GHZ 8 core desktop processor, 22GB RAM (6GB 512bit GDDR5, 16GB DDR3), 2TB HD

Sorry, no contest.

mikeslemonade1640d ago

Lol master race show me 5 games that look better than The Order.

starchild1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Look, I have said nothing but good things about The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 (check my comment history), but some of you are going overboard and need to put things in perspective.

First of all, yes, Uncharted 4 looks astounding and has probably the best character model we have seen in a game up to this point. BUT that doesn't mean that Uncharted 4 as a whole is going to be better than every other game. There will likely be games that release the same year that look better than Uncharted 4 in ways.

The Witcher 3, for example, might not have quite as detailed character models but the overall quality of the visuals is undeniable and the game has massive scale and freedom that most games can't begin to match.

I also thought that Star Wars Battlefront footage we saw had environments that looked as good, probably better, than the environment shown in Uncharted 4.

Question: were the Uncharted games the very best graphics that I experienced last generation? The answer is, no. High end PC games still looked better than the Uncharted games, despite the Uncharted games having great art direction and solid technical attributes.

The same will be true this generation. Uncharted 4 will likely be one of the best looking console games this generation and one of the better looking games across all platforms, but I have no doubt that some PC games will surpass it.

Furthermore, just because a console has one or two graphically exceptional games doesn't negate the fact that the PC still produces the best graphics in the overwhelming majority of games. Multiplatform games comprise the vast majority of games and those will continue to look and play better on the PC.

Pricey1640d ago


You forgot to put poorly optimised games under what you get for PC

Giul_Xainx1640d ago

PC's will continue to cost more to acquire than a console every day.

cemelc1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


So in those 6 years you wont upgrade any part? cos if you buy a 700 series today by the end of 6 years youll be around a 1200-1300 gtx series from nvidia, ram would have changed, the os too.

But nothing of that seems to change your final price it seems.

Pc is not cheap itll will never be, but you get more for the price, so its all good.

And 50$/60$ a game is only for brand new, no one gets all his/her games brand new so thats a terrible math you got there.

blackmagic1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Cyberpunk 2077 blows The Order out of the water.

Edit: sorry, you wanted to see 5 games
The Forest
Star Citizen

You can file that "poorly optimized" myth under the same category as the "price/performance" myth that console gamers garner. Last I checked, console games don't run so great out of the gate either.

First, I chose 'brand new' because that was the least friendly choice for my point. The price of PC games rolls off faster than on console so in this discussion you would suddenly find the playing field tilting even further to the advantage of the PC if old or used games are considered.

Rest assured that 6 years from now the PC build I posted would still run anything that a ps4 can run and significantly better at that. This build was constructed to debunk and it perfectly illustrates the fallacy of the console price/performance myth.

To respond to your comment directly, I would personally build something different for myself and I would keep my present 16 gigs of DDR3 1600 RAM, 750 watt power supply, case, hard drive, optical drive and keep running windows 7. I would sell my motherboard, cpu and video cards and plan another upgrade in about 3 years. Doing this, I would have a lesser PC today (in the neighbourhood of twice the capability of a PS4) but in three years I would have a significantly better pc than the PC build I posted and it would cost even less overall.

Console (fanboy) gamers only understand 'build from scratch' though. When you talk costs you suddenly aren't allowed to carry components from your present PC to your future PC, you aren't allowed to sell your old hardware and you certainly aren't allowed to carry your present operating system into your new build. Nope, you have to throw everything out and start from scratch in order to be "fair".

Why o why1640d ago

Ill play wherever most of the goty's are....... right now and for the whole last console gen timespan they've been on console.

cemelc1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


Your whole point is that pc is cheaper and upgrading your pc for whatever reason is not adding in any way to the original price? yeah right, you just mention it, so your point is counter by itself.

Did i mention building from scratch? nope, just videocard and ram.

Games are as cheap as you want them to be, your logic is asuming that i would pay more just cos is console. Console do have offers just like steam.

And new games in steam like watch dog will be 50$ till more or less 3 month from release, and b4 there will be a deal somewhere for 40 or whatever, does do happen for console too you know...

Is not cheaper, will not be cheaper.

choujij1640d ago


So what you're saying is, PC gamers are actually the "peasants" since (by your own explanation) it's cheaper to game on PC. :)

I don't care either way, I game on all platforms that have exclusives I like, such as PC, PS4, Wii-U, 3DS, etc.

ShinMaster1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ blackmagic

Cyberpunk 2077's trailer is completely CGI you dummy.
The Order 1886 actually showed gameplay.
And the Forest or Star Citizen don't look all that impressive, sorry.

Besides, all multiplatform games look the same anyway.

Leave it to the PC fanboys to start shit. No console gamer for the past 3 decades has cared about what your PC can do.

blackmagic1640d ago

Let me try to spell this out for you.

First point: The build I posted is a complete build which, 6 years from now, will still play games at a higher fidelity than the ps4. It obviously won't be able to do the latest greatest graphics but it will still be several times more powerful than the ps4 and since, like this past generation, games will again be held back so they can still run on consoles, it will still run these games and much better than the ps4 for that matter.

Second point (completely seperate point):
My pc will be 3 years old this fall so my upgrade would be
same cpu - $144
same motherboard - $60
Graphics - Dual 270X's - $310
keep my existing 16 GB DDR3 1600 - $0
keep my existing 2TB HD - $0
keep my existing 750W power supply - $0
keep my existing case - $0
keep my existing optical drive - $0
load my copy of Windows 7 - $0
Sell my current AMD 965 processor, Asus motherboard and dual 7850's - $150

Cost of upgrade today: about $350

3 years from now I sell my cpu, motherboard, videocards and ram - $150
Buy new versions - $600
plus a new hard drive - $100
and new O/S - $100
cost of future upgrade - $650

Possible replacement of power supply or optical drive, factor in $100

Total cost:
Upgrade - $350
future upgrade - $650
potential to replace failed component - $100
Total: $1100

End result, a better pc than you can build today for $1300

point 3
ps4 - $60
pc - $43

Assassin's Creed
ps4 - $43
PC - $22

Battlefield 4
ps4 - $43
PC - $20

need for speed
ps4 - $51
pc - $40

lego marvel super heroes
ps4 - $38
pc - $20

ps4 - $40
pc - $30

ps4 - $40
pc - $15

Do I really need to go on?

jetlian1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Black magic theres a few things wrong with your comparison. 1 not all pc games 50 dollars. 2 that 300 dollars you mentioned adds atleast 2 games a month!!

If you have vita/ps3 its 4/6 games per month. Lastly pc specs decrease over time consoles improve.

Edit: as for prices after launch pc does drop faster but thats because it has no resales. Drm is higher on pc too

SilentNegotiator1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

No $400 PC can come close to Ps4 and Xbone, especially when you consider the ~$100 just for Windows.

Hell, the same can probably be said about PS3 and Xb360; good luck building a $150 PC (post-windows cost) that can pull that off.

EeJLP-1639d ago

Same, tired, old, false 'PC games are cheaper' argument I see..

Two words.. resale value.. you have none.

Even factoring in your game prices at $60/console and $50/PC, what happens when you buy a game you don't like? On PC, you eat that full cost. On console, you have the choice to resell the game or trade it in. And if you're talking only a week or two after launch (it wouldn't take anywhere near that long to figure out that you don't like a game), you could easily get $30 back, if not ~$50, depending on the game.

Your online fees also depend on not being a poor consumer and on the games you play. You have $50/yr for PS+, but it was only $30/yr on black friday and it can be found for $40/yr throughout the year (and this price for PS+ also includes a lot of free games that you don't factor in). The online fees could be a lot more than $0 on PC if you're into MMOs or similar games where you pay by the month.

Back to games, a smart console game buyer usually waits until the games are $30, or $20, or less.. and by that time you could beat the game, resell it, and recoup most of your money, since prices fall much slower after the initial drop from Day 1 buys. Obviously console games would choose to keep some of the games, but the resale difference easily makes console games cheaper in the end. To that 'smart buyer' point, obviously smart PC games would wait too, but again, a $20-30 buy for PC is a $20-30 cost.. while a $20-30 buy for console could be only a $5 cost, depending on your turnaround time.

PC gaming is more expensive, period. Yes, a higher end PC has the potential for better graphics and framerates, etc. But the fact remains that the hardware is more expensive, the software is more expensive when resale value is taken into consideration, and you also miss out on a lot of the best games of the year as others have pointed out above, for example Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, The Last Of Us, you had to wait for the GTAs, etc.

The last big PC 'exclusive' to win a lot of GotY awards was Half-Life 2 in 2004, which was only a timed exclusive that came out on Xbox a year later (2005) and seventh gen consoles soon in 2007. You don't have RDR after over 4 years and you won't have the Uncharteds, etc. until you have a strong enough PC to emulate them (illegal and much more cost).

cemelc1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Lol i dont know why youre angry about me pointing something out.

Youre spending money for your pc, i didnt talk about performance, nor anything else.

The first time you built your rig it cost you money, after that any change in hardware will cost you money, so whatever the price of that machine was the first day you add the plus from the new parts get it? its easy.

Pc is not a console it doesnt have a fix price, its a rent that is constantly asking you for money if you want to keep up.

I dont undertand your logic about games, should i buy them right now? nope, should i get them when they are reaaally cheap? i could, it is my choice after all.

Im not forced to follow your logic, i could get any of those games a year from now for all i care and then what? your whole argument falls apart.

Pc is more expensive dude just let it go, enjoy what you have, since you can keep up with the expenses that most of us cant.

EeJLP-1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

FYI - PS4 $360, New, free shipping right now

"point 3
ps4 - $60
pc - $43"

PS4 version is $50 and when you realize it's not the greatest thing since sliced bread (81/78/78 meta), you can easily quick-sell it for $35-40

(or upwards of $50, which is what recently sold games are fetching)

So maybe a $10 loss compared to $43 on PC.

Do I really need to go on? Resale value. Few if any of the games you mentioned are masterpieces that people would want to hold onto forever. Many will be traded in/resold, costs will be recouped and your PC game will, in the end, be more expensive.. significantly so if there is a relatively short flip time on the console game.

Why o why1639d ago

Consoles never held back uncharted 2, little big planet, the last of us, forza, gran turismo, infamous mario, metroid etc because they were exclusive and the point I was making is that you cant play them on pc. When was the last time a pc exclusive won goty.............

As a former pc gamer I understood what I would lose by switching to console but that switch was made easier and were outweighed by the benefits of consoles. By all means enjoy your platform but that wall of text and half truths doesn't change the facts which is I cant play the games I've enjoyed the most on pc

Dasteru1639d ago

All the people talking about Uncharted 4. Do you mean the pre-rendered cut scene E3 trailer that doesn't look remotely like it is in-game? Console gamers need to stop blindly accepting every trailer they see as in-game. It is usually fairly easy to tell the difference between in-game and pre-rendered based on the camera angles and general feel of it. The video shown of Uncharted 4 is plain as day pre-rendered.

Crysis 3 still looks better overall anyway.

Sarcasm1639d ago

Yeah all this talk about power and yadda yadda on the PC was pointless seeing as for how many years of me owning a GTX 680 nothing ever looked like Uncharted 4 or the Order.

It's not just the hardware that drives revolutionary graphics, it's the teams behind the software to complement the hardware.

Which will NEVER EVER EVER happen for the PC as long as it's an open platform where people can either have a $100 gpu or a $3000 one.

ProjectVulcan1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I love PC gaming.

It has lots of great games to play big titles and small and I like the fact multi platforms are usually the best versions and more customisable. I have one PC whose main components of it bar the GPU and SSD are over 5 years old (yes, really) and it still manages to beat out even the new consoles like PS4 on every multiformat game.

There is no point trying to run down PC gaming if you don't know how good it really is. Consoles are pretty good too for their own reasons and exclusives.

I personally find PC gaming to be really cheap as I buy my games in bargain sales and the hardware gets replaced by offsetting the cost of new by selling the old equipment.

Heart my PC.

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OlekKing1640d ago

"if graphics are the only thing that matter to you, then you get a PC."

"I say this as a long-time PC gamer"

And that right there is how you spot a liar.

Baccra171640d ago

Exactly. I don't game on PC. I hate that keyboard crap, controllers are way better. And now that the PS4 controller has that touchpad I don't need a mouse.

tgunzz1640d ago

Useless segment due to the fact that both MS/sony are pc makers. Consoles are category driven, and are tailored to a price sector. The compensation is to give great gaming machines, at affordable prices (which will always be with yester-year tech). Can both companies make a console that truly blur the lines, yes, but it won't be in the 400 to 600 range...

AD7051640d ago

Then use a controller. Why do you guys still ignore that fact?

andibandit1640d ago

RTS plays like crap on consoles

Haki11121639d ago

@andibandit they do! But I did enjoy Halo Wars if anyone wanna play games they was meant to be played hit me up on Steam- Goku Ruk

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AD7051640d ago

But you console guys seem to care when it comes to PS4 VS xbox one. I find it hilarious how when the PC is mentioned console fanboys all of a sudden don't care about graphics and hardware but when it's just consoles that's all they brag about. "my console has better graphics than yours"

MRMagoo1231640d ago

because consoles are consoles perhaps and pcs are pcs perhaps ? Maybe it seems so simple to me because I may be a super genius .........or more likely you arent seeing something so obvious because it doenst help your stupid point?

Angrymorgan1639d ago

Well perhaps thats because console gamers that compare graphics obviously have no interest whatsoever in pc gaming.
its like formula 3 cars comparing their bhp, then a formula 1 car comes along and blows em out of the water.. very similar but a totally different league.

this whole argument is kinda pointless. For me a gaming pc would cost an absolute fortune as I have nothing, id have to start from Scratch. So buying a ps4 made most sense for me. I could spend more for an average pc which would play the same games but a little bit prettier, but then id be missing out on the ps4 exclusives which I want so in my view, im spending less and getting more.

BX811640d ago

Don't tell that to all the sony fans who keep bringng it up. I don't understand why people act like its the strongest thing to game on.

Magicite1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Im mainly a PC gamer, yet I dont give a $h1t about PC superiority over consoles in raw power.
Its all about exclusives, also not to mention poor optimization on PC for many latest games (e.g Watch Dogs, AC4).

Look how underpowered was Wii compared not to only PC but also PS3, yet sales wise it was a winner.

Bladesfist1639d ago

What about the poor optimization on consoles. You act as if we are struggling to beat consoles at Watchdogs. I can play it at 1080 45fps / High.

kewlkat0071640d ago

"amiga-man says - Yet for all the PC's so called power, they will never come close to the simplicity and ease of use of consoles"

lol this site is funny at times...

I swear, you know when fanboys feel small, they resort that type of comments.

starchild1640d ago

Obviously you guys do care because you have flooded into this article, heating it up, all so you can downplay and bash the PC and talk up consoles.

Tiqila1639d ago

I feel like its the other way round, suddenly out of nowhere all you pc elitists appear bashing on consoles because your hardware is so superior (actually its like you always show up to boast about the amazing power only inherent to your sweet gaming rigs).

I have (or had) a nice gaming pc which is now outdated (got it a year from now). Also since I decided for an AMD graphics card (hd 7970) games like watchdogs that utilize Nvidia GameWorks run shitty on it compared to an nvidia card of the same price (would that I had known that before, right?).

Waiting a year for GTA V to play it on a pc with superior graphics sounds stupid to me. If we are talking about games you PC guys are only talking about graphics... That is the only department in which PCs exceed console gaming and that is only true if you update your PC specs every other year. I think its nothing wrong with that, if you want to live on the bleeding edge and have enough money, PC gaming is the right thing for you. But don't brag about it being the superior platform for playing games, which it is clearly not.

I come from PC gaming, but my Warcraft III/Dota days seem to be over. Most of the time I play for the fun of it now and not for competitive reasons as in the past. The best games for that are on consoles, you just have to take a look at any Nintendo or Sony exclusive game. You have to be blind to not see that, or an even greater fanboy as the people you try to bash here.

Dynasty20211640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Apart from console gamers, that take every opportunity to show PC gamers how "close" or "better" their versions are.

When they are clearly wrong 100% of the time.

SpinalRemains1381640d ago


That's cool and all, but I'm not into playing History Channel games and lame ass games no one has ever heard of.

tee_bag2421639d ago

That's because you're demonstrating 'sheep' mentality. You'd rather be sales pitched what's good rather than discover it yourself.

frostypants1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@AD705: Consoles are set platforms. PCs are not. Therefore, having a PC vs console debate is almost impossible because people rarely properly grasp the fact that "PC" doesn't say anything about the hardware specs. It's a moving target and thus open to complete subjectivity. When people say "[Game X] looks better on PC" I immediately write off their opinion and quit listening, because they are grossly oversimplifying reality.

frostypants1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

"Anytime soon"? As if to imply that the One and PS4 will get more powerful in the future? Furthermore, both are as powerful as a "decent" gaming PC today. They will lose ground over time.

FailingBolt strikes again. Easily the most consistently stupid site to show up on N4G. Somewhere, HipHopGamer is wondering how his goofy arse got booted but they didn't.

Tiqila1639d ago

they will not loose ground to a "decent gaming pc" today if that pc does not get updated regularly. They will only loose ground compared to state-of-the-art PC hardware, which is the way things go. PS3 is loosing ground to ps4 too...

Games will improve on consoles over time (though the hardware, of course will not), games like the last of us and uncharted 3 prove that, just compare them to ps3 games back in 2006.

Games for PC will not get optimized for older hardware, nine times out of ten. Playing Crysis 3 on my old PC that was decent in 2006? Not that much fun if possible at all...

I hate this stupid PC > Consoles I-have-the-bigger-balls trash talk. If you so much prefer your PC gaming, go ahead and just enjoy it. I did years ago too, but never felt the urge to brag about it and degrade console gamers.

heisenberguk1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

You're wrong there, the small section of PC owners who actually own a PC more powerful than the next gen consoles care!(and the ones who don't but pretend they do too) They're the most vocal, telling everyone they NEED to play games with ultra graphics settings in order to have any fun!!

Tetsujin1640d ago

I know a PC elitist who swears PC > Console regardless of game, extras, and configuration. He's also a big WoW player and any game who doesn't match what WoW does in $ and player base is automatically second-rate.

What I like best about consoles; buy the system, buy the game, done. No "I gotta spend $ on another graphics card that's outdated in 6 months," or spend countless hours wondering why certain drivers don't work with certain hardware/games. The only thing I give PC credit for is free online, and multiplayer games "can" last as long as the community is able to host servers.

wsoutlaw871640d ago

and the arguement is never really about raw power. of coarse the raw power of most pcs is higher, we can all look at specs. How that translates to games is different. Pcs have 10s times more power than last gen consoles but dont look 10x better. graphics to power isnt linear and optimization makes a huge difference. Plus the reason for choosing consoles isnt that they would be higher speced than every pc.

kingduqc1640d ago

You guys realize if you didn't buy consoles those exclusive would still exist but you wound not be forced to buy 3 different platform to buy em all and you would be on a better platform overall.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771640d ago

And i'm one of them that don't care! as long as a game looks good,
that's all it matters. The fanboys (ugh, fanboys), the elitists (ugh, elitists)
are the only ones that cares. I'll grab a 2 large pizzas & boneless bbq
chicken and watch them go at each other about who has best games
and hardware.

avengers19781640d ago

The PC gaming community consist of people that play the sims, Facebook games, WOW, and crap like that, most of them don't care about PC power, and most people don't have high end gaming rigs, they get whatever you buy in the store and are happy with that.

PC will always have a power advantage, but gaming innovation happens because of consoles, when do devs push there games to the next level,when do they make new engines, and try to put more into there games, when new consoles come out that's when

tee_bag2421639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lol, did you even stop to think what you wrote before you posted. 0 innovation comes from consoles. They are too expensive to develop for Devs to take risks. That's why all we're seeing is the same stale formula's and re-releases. PC with its Indy scene gets the lions share of innovation. There's no two ways about it.

threefootwang1639d ago

I've got a gaming rig and yet when it comes to actual gaming, I almost always prefer console gaming instead. PC is good for certain games but the vast majority are much more enjoyable from the comfort of my couch with just a controller and not a keyboard and mouse.

That being said, does it really matter? Today's consoles are more then sufficient at pumping out some pretty damn good looking games. Play to what you enjoy. I enjoy RTS and MMOs on PC, everything else though on console!

Azzanation1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Yet people care about resolution and frame rate more these days...

If no body cares about Power then we shouldn't be seeing articles everyday about 720p vs 900p vs 1080p vs 4k.

People do care, they just want to believe they have the better graphical version over someone else and the fact most kids cant afford a gaming rig they pretend they don't exist. Its common childish behaviour. Ignore the best only to think your the best.

sardaukarghola661639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Yeah I have seen your post history you only seem to care when it is PS4 vs. Xbone. All you stupid fanboys need to be sterilized.

2pacalypsenow1638d ago

Yeah console vs console PC doesn't count ,it's in its own world

sardaukarghola661638d ago


The only thing that is in it's own world is you and all the other stupid ass fanboys.

Mithan1639d ago

I agree. Pc are always going to kick ass. So what?

Dspdspes1639d ago

That was my thought, but you were faster. Have a bubble on me!

SharnOfTheDEAD1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It will also be a while until PC catches up with the quality of console exclusive AAA titles.

SegaSaturn6691639d ago

I don't constantly upgrade my PC anyway. It was a decent gaming pc in 2012 and the PS4 is better than that anyway.

I wonder how many people actually have top of the line pcs to play these games at absolute maximum settings. I'd rather support the indy games on steam these days than spend my money constantly upgrading my GPU.