EA and DICE are Contemplating Early Access Model for Future Battlefield Titles

"Early access titles have been all the rage recently on Steam with games such as DayZ, Arma III, and Rust opting to allow gamers to purchase a copy of the game long before there official release date. In exchange you get to play the game in its current state of development. It seems as if this model has caught EA and DICE’s eye as they have said in an interview with Game Informer that they are considering releasing future Battlefield titles this way."

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TurboGamer1685d ago

Wasn't Battlefield 4 early access? The state of the game at its release indicates it might have been...

Neixus1685d ago

This is just a money grabbing move. They already have lots of youtubers playtesting their games behind closed doors, reporting about what's bad/good etc.
Why the need for early access then?

BALLARD321685d ago

Came in here ready to post that exact comment haha. Bravo.

user56695101685d ago

Why would a big publisher and their dev need a early access . I still feeling funny about h1z1 and landmark doing because they are backed by a multi billion dollar company. This is suppose to be for devs that need help fund so they can develope the game. You gain early access for contributing to keeping the development going.

This is why I hate publishers and big corp with no ethics. If they start doing this I'm done with their games. A lot of pubs are getting out of hand and I'm not going to be one of these sheep that just take it. That the reason they are nickel and diming everything now.

Try me I need buy another game from these leeches . This is going to be a long gen already banned two game companies and it look like two more think they can f#ck wit the kidd

3-4-51685d ago

This stinks of corruption and Greed.

Razputin1685d ago

Battlefield 4 had to be the most disappointing release for a BF game ever.

BF4 was an early access release.

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AgentSmithPS41685d ago

EA/DICE probably want to make even more money by charging you for early access. I already paid full price for their "retail alpha BF4" and I won't be giving them money again for a long time until they prove themselves.

I'm glad so many new MP games are being made by other people.

Debaitable1685d ago

Still waiting for BF4 to get out of alpha

animegamingnerd1685d ago

LMFAO you guy's released Battlefield 4 in early access and didn't bother to tell anyone

tigertron1685d ago

Haven't they already been giving us early access to BF4? I'm waiting for the full release.

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The story is too old to be commented.