Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Screenshots, Characters And Everything We Saw At E3 2014 | iDigitalTimes - "It's been a few years now, since Dimps was last called upon to create a new Dragon Ball Z fighting game, but next year's debut of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse could very well lead to calls for Bandai Namco to publish a whole new set of fighting games based on the popular anime/manga."

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MonstaTruk1588d ago


OT: I'm looking forward to this on PS4...

Legendary-Status1588d ago

HECK YEAH THE MAKER'S FROM Budokai 3 also the 1st to make a Big Splash on PS2 with DBZ DEF. GETTING THIS 1

user56695101588d ago

They need to just make a RPG or single player game. I Dont get it most of these anime have a good enough story with a ton of action, so why are they still making fighting games

Legendary-Status1588d ago

but this will be legit it's Dimp's & the only DBZ game's I really Enjoyed

super_lazy1588d ago

I wouldn't necessarily rule out the possibility of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse including RPG mechanics and/or open-world exploration, even if its still a fighting game at its core. While the developers giving me a demonstration couldn't comment on those topics yet, the simple fact they didn't outright say "No" when I asked about open-world exploration certainly has me hopeful.

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