E3 2014: CyberPower PC Shows Off Syber PC Console for Big Picture Mode [Video]

Maximum PC: Let's just come out and say it -- Valve dropped the ball with its Steam Machine initiative. Rather than let its hardware vendors run with their own brand Steam Machines that they've been developing for the past year, Valve decided to delay things until next year while it tweaks its Steam Controller, an integral component of any machine that might use the "Steam Machine" designation. That decision left OEMs and boutique system builders in an awkward place, but rather than let their hardware designs collect dust, we're seeing them reborn as Windows-based PC consoles that boot right into Steam Big Picture mode. The newest PC console to take this approach is CyberPowerPC's Syber system. Let's have a look.

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Hmm, i dont think a 750 is going to cut it.