Episode 61: I’m Okay With E3 Having Booth Babes. BUT…

Does E3 really need these walking pieces of eye candy? Here’s a non-feminist viewpoint on it.

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Voozi1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

"You want the clerk to, at the least, be familiar with the game, right? Now, wouldn’t you be annoyed if they just shrug their shoulders since they’re not really interested in video games. They’re just in the store to sell games!"

Guess she's never been to Gamestop before haha

xX1NORM1Xx1590d ago

hahahaha i live in the uk and we have a store called GAME and i went to preorder Halo ODST and the guy asked if i wanted it on ps3 or 360? i was like wait... what?

MysticStrummer1590d ago

lol That happened to me at Gamestop with some PS3 exclusive. I forget what game it was but the guy asked which version I wanted.

millerj27401590d ago

This happens all the time at the gamestop I go to. Try to have a decent conversation about relevant games and they just have no idea what im talking about. I understand some games just sell themselves, but I feel like they would have a better reputation as a company if their employees were more knowledgeable, and hence, more excited about the games they're trying to sell to people.

cleft51590d ago

So long as Booth Babes are treated with respect by everyone there than their isn't a problem. The problem comes in when someone thinks that they can treat them like shit because they are in a low cut outfit.

Using beautiful women and men to sell or show products isn't bad or good, it's just a part of how our society works. When you get people stepping in acting like they need to stand up for a grown woman than you get these ridiculous situations where Booth Babes are banned. In what way are helping a woman by killing a job opportunity for her? If anything these roles should be elevated and the people filling them should be given status and a lot of respect. In doing that you make it desirable for woman to want to be in the role of "Booth Babe."

There are no shortage of excellent looking women that know what they are talking about and very good at showing off products. A professional is able to explain to a potential investor information about the product while making them feel comfortable, without demeaning themselves in anyway.

Conzul1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I'm not very old, but even I remember when respect was something that had to be earned - NOT given away for free.

Why should anyone respect these booth babes (who know or care little for the games) or their employers, who would use such cheap tactics?

I'd rather spend any amount of time hanging out with a nerdier, pudgier girl than spend a moment around THESE unfortunates.

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Skate-AK1589d ago

I remember going to GameStop and bought Gran Turismo 5 when it first came out. First the girl at the counter asked if I wanted it for 360. Lol. I informed her that is was a PS3 exclusive. She then put Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in my case and charged me $60. I said "uh not that's not happening, that's not even the right game." Never seen her working there again after that.

DragonKnight1590d ago

I normally would rip into this article because usually when someone adds "but..." at the end they end up contradicting themselves.

This piece however is something I can mostly agree with. The author doesn't have a problem with booth babes, she just would like it if they actually knew something about the product they are selling.

On the one hand I can definitely agree with that. On the other, they aren't there to talk about the product. For the most part, they are there as eye candy to attract men and the developer or publisher or spokesperson is supposed to talk up the product.

But if those things aren't available, then those people should at least give the models some talking points they can use and address just for those moments when no one else is around. It would actually serve the company better if the women did know what they were talking about as it would seem that attractive women are into the particular game and that increases a potential for buying by at least 30% I'd imagine.

But really, booth babes are the human equivalent of graphics in a game. They look good, but only stupid people would ever consider them to be the actual heart of the game/product respectively.

I personally have to respect these women who, even though they are getting paid quite a lot to do these shows, still put themselves at the mercy of sad, pathetic men who are so likely to act inappropriately towards them, and the women who give them looks of death just for being there.

TylerDenzine1590d ago

"Here’s a non-feminist viewpoint on it" she sure sounds like a feminist.
The larger problem is the self entitled video game reviewer / insider / youtube gamer.

OwnageDC6501590d ago

All these booth babes need to know is how to shake their money makers!

Summons751590d ago

There is nothing wrong with booth babes. They need jobs and devs/ producers needs to promote its a win win. They work because they are attractive. If you don't like them don't give them any attention, even articles like these means you looked and are now giving some form of attention. Its natural instinct to be attracted to things that are attractive, sorry that other people are smart enough to use this knowledge.

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