Purely Opinion: How Nintendo ‘Won’ E3 2014

Pure Nintendo: "Nintendo’s E3 presentations over the past couple of years have not been the strongest. Not to say that their past E3 presentations were bad but just simply adequate. In 2012, Nintendo was really trying hard to push the Wii U prior to its release which was coming later that year. E3 2012 would also be the last year that Nintendo would have a live presentation, or so we thought. In 2013, Nintendo passed on the traditional E3 press event we have grown to love for years for something a little more unorthodox. In 2013, Nintendo treated fans and press to a Nintendo Direct presentation, rather than a live event, and then shortly afterwards gave the media a more toned down private presentation right in their own booth on the E3 show floor. Many were not pleased with this change in presentation style and were hoping Nintendo would go back to a live presentation."

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Software_Lover1591d ago

They just need to start doing official votes at these events. But do the votes on the games.

Multiplatguy1591d ago

Probably wouldn't work, people would just vote for games on their platform of choice despite how they really feel about the game or conference.

darthv721591d ago

Personally, nintendo won E3 from the perspective of surprise announcements and first looks. The other 2 had some thunder stolen beforehand by "insiders" regardless of official word from the company or not.

Problem is...the bulk of the talk about E3 is still Ms vs Sony. no matter how well Nintendo wasnt enough to get people talking about them. They still debate over the other guys.

oh well...

KakashiHotake1591d ago

I won't go as far as to say they won E3 because I thought it was overall well balanced, but Nintendo scored a most needed victory in their own respects nonetheless. They have some very interesting games in development and even the Amibos their working on could be a huge hit among children. For the 1st time in a while with the Wii U, I get a sense that Nintendo has a direction and sometimes that's all you need.

xJumpManx1591d ago

HAHAHA, this was a joke article right. I guess if you want to collect action figures with memory sticks in them. I want to game not deal with toys.

wonderfulmonkeyman1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Then don't.
The Amiibo's are optional; you'll get a fun game whether you use them or not.
Having Amiibo's as an option doesn't lessen the fact that they absolutely dominated at E3 this year.

Bigger crowd reactions at the tournament compared to the press conferences, more gameplay than cut-scenes in their reveals, a nice selection of games coming THIS YEAR as well as next, and new reveals/information that went on for all three days of E3, live and on the show floor with demos and questions answered by staff, instead of just during one single little conference.

Nintendo killed it.
That's no joke.

crusf1591d ago

" I want to game not deal with toys."
Oh man I bet woman kneel at your feet from your hardcore badassery.
Seriously though gamers today are so self entitled like you

Drithe1591d ago

Nintendo saved E3 and won by a landslide. This is coming from a true Sony fanboy as well.

L0YD1591d ago

Just read rest of your comments, true Sony fanboy my ass.

Drithe1591d ago

HOW DARE YOU! You don't mess .... with a LALAFELL!

End of line.

X-Ender-XI1591d ago

Can Mario not just pack his little bag and accept that no one wants him anymore?

wonderfulmonkeyman1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Because no one has ever dreamed of having a legitimate company-built-and-approved way of creating their own Mario levels.
Right, you keep on thinking that.

KonsoruMasuta1591d ago

The sales of the games suggest otherwise.

X-Ender-XI1591d ago

I believe you will find they are pity sales.

crusf1591d ago

Worst troll comment I have ever read! Seriously are you 2 years old or something. At least try to act like a decent troll. Shamefull

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