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The 5 Best Reasons To Buy A PS4 - After E3 2014

Having indisputably come out on top at E3 2013, Sony found itself under far less pressure than Microsoft MSFT +2.07% this year. The PS4 has a significant sales lead over the Xbox One and Sony execs oozed confidence throughout the show.

That said Sony didn’t rest on its laurels and if you have been tempted to hop aboard the PlayStation 4 juggernaut then you now have five even better reasons to do so:

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Community1614d ago
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jaredhart1614d ago

No Man's Sky looks incredible.

JackOfAllBlades1614d ago

Whoever disagreed with you is obviously some butthurt CoD kiddies who can't accept that anything that isn't CoD could possibly be good. I personally think No Man's Sky looks very ambitious, I hope they can pull it off.

starchild1614d ago

No Man's Sky does look really cool. I already have owned a PS4 for months, so no need to buy one now.

RosweeSon1614d ago

Yeah I bought one on launch not because the launch games were amazing but because of the future Sony were offering so far so good and were barely a year down the line, the fact that all these ps4 games are outdoing the xbox has been reason enough for me to be happy with my purchase, free games every month and some which are brilliant all free every month, sure I gotta pay for ps+ but when I'm already signed up through ps3/vita win win, I also own a 360 see no need to upgrade it and also got my wii u 3DS, I wasn't impressed with what Microsoft were offering at launch and am no more satisfied now so won't be purchasing one anytime soon got enough gaming to get on with and there's nothing that says buy an xbox one yet except that advert with the guy out of breaking bad that's turning peoples telly on, that advert is selling it too me the ideas but there's no AAA quality games that I'm happy with yet halo won't do it either so think I'll stick with my ps4 that I bought on launch so that hopefully we wouldn't have the whole ps3/xbox 360 thing where ps3 is without a doubt a more capable console but because of the headset start xbox got and even with there massively poor reliability issues they still managed to get a 1-up on sony just goes to show complacency will get you nowhere ask Sony they fell from grace after ps1/2 selling over 100 million consoles each, I still think ps3 will go onto sell over the 100 million mark but there's no disputing for a good 4-5 years xbox 360 and Microsoft had a massive share of the gaming market but complacency has slipped in on their side now and again the tables have turned, I think we could have an original xbox on our hands here ie on par with GameCube and ps4 is dominant, I think Wii U could actually steal 2nd place but it's still early days and I'm sure Microsoft won't take this all lying down they'll just through some cash around but they need to do something as this isn't it. Fed up of reading purely biased views open your eyes and realise variety is key and never limit yourself to just one company or one brand unless they are paying you, you pay for there products shop around get the best deal and the better products, use your noggins/brains, thank you and good day/night.

UnHoly_One1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

That game looks very cool, for sure.

My only problem with it lies in the fact that I'm unsure of how it will all work and what kind of goals (if any) you will have.

A big open ended game with no limits sounds great, and some people might play it forever, but I know how I am personally, and without some sort of goal to shoot for, I will lose interest quickly.

Definitely plan on picking it up, though, it's too unique and cool to ignore.

LamerTamer1613d ago

It looks like a cool concept. The online only multiplayer only kills it for me as I am not into that. It does look more interesting than the standard online dudebro shooter though.

jaredhart1613d ago

I like that it looks different and fresh. It has potential to be something special. Only time will tell.

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Godmars2901614d ago

PS TV is not the PS4, so it is not reason to buy a PS4.

If you actually looked at the PS TV you'd likely find reason to buy one, but you don't need a PS4 to buy one.

EverydayGuy1614d ago

PS TV is probably the best casual gaming peripheral out there. I always want to replay some PS1 games, but don't want to lug around a console. The portability and the price, along with the back log of 1000 games make it an attractable piece of hardware for gamers of all kinds.

incendy351614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

You make some good points, but I have enough trouble keeping up with current games, plus they want me to spend money renting games I already own.

uth111614d ago

no, but the PS4 remote play feature might be a deciding factor in buying a PS4 for some

DEEBO1614d ago

1 games with the ps4 having some nice hardware power you are getting the better looking&playing games.

2 VR even though it's not here yet its something to look forward to and brings a different way to play game.

3 playstation now with the way to play ps1,ps2,ps3 on not just the ps4 but the vita,ps3 and soon tv's it's the netflix of gaming or red box.

4 playstation tv is like having two ps4's but only spending 500 dollars for it plus it plays vita games and it's the size of samsung phone.

5 sony's playstation brand is as good as it gets for gaming.with 1st party,playstation plus,free to play,indie games,VR tec,remote play and one of the best gaming catalogue,you can't go wrong with playstation.

lahariko1614d ago

Im not going to buy ps4 nor ps vita until crash bandicoot returns

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