New Year, Same Tune: Nintendo's E3 Showing Leaves Me Worried

Though Nintendo had possibly the strongest showing when it came to in-house and second-party offerings, their lack of focus on the third-party shows a lack of understanding, or at least a reluctance to address, let alone fix, that as their main issue.

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randomass1711678d ago

With the amount of games coming to Wii U, I'm starting to feel like the lack of third party support is becoming less significant. Nintendo produced three new IPs this year, one of which is made by one of the great minds behind Ninja Gaiden. Beyond that they're clearly putting a lot of support into Wii U themselves. Kirby, Yoshi, Zelda, Star Fox, Mario Maker, Smash Bros.... that's a lot of games coming from a single publisher. Sure Nintendo doesn't have a lot of third party support but that doesn't mean that they have nothing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1677d ago

Don't forget about indie offerings, though, as well as smaller games from Nintendo!
Pushmo/Crashmo, Sakura Samurai, Dillon's Rolling Western, and a few others are new from Nintendo, but no one ever includes them.

There's more to third party support than AAA games...

NintendoSonyfan1677d ago

They had more than 3 new IP even just counting first party. Plus they showed some new third party exclusive IP.

AngelicIceDiamond1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"With the amount of games coming to Wii U, I'm starting to feel like the lack of third party support is becoming less significant."

Nintendo's E3 2012 promised 3rd party support and results were only a handful only exist on the conole.

With that said Nintendo should refrain from saying the words "3rd party" "Us" and "Support" Because at the end of the day third party wants to nothing to do with them and their hardware.

The result was 14 exclusives which rivals the current third party line up which is highly impressive.

Someone who buys a Wii U or a Nintendo console in general don't expect third party. They Expect, Star Fox, Zelda, and Mario and whatever else Nintendo cooks up.

Inception1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"Someone who buys a Wii U or a Nintendo console in general DON'T EXPECT THIRD PARTY"

LOL, your joking right? Did you ever have a Nintendo console / handheld before Wii/WiiU?

Because i had a couple of Nintendo console (except Wii & WiiU) and handheld and there's tons of 3rd party from multiplat to exclusive.

Remember Chrono Trigger?
Secret of Mana?
All those Castlevania especially Simon Quest, Harmony of Despair, Potrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia, or Aria of Sorrow?
Bionic Commando?
Goof Troop?
Tales of Phantasia?
Ninja Gaiden trilogy?
Star Ocean?
RE Zero?
RE 1 remake?
RE 4 (before capcom port it to PS2, PC, etc)?
Viewtiful Joe?
and lots of 3rd party games that i played for the first time or only in Nintendo consoles or handheld.

Honestly, 1st party games for WiiU looks very good. Zelda, Xenoblade, Splatoon, etc made me wants to buy a WiiU. But i need more games from 3rd party to justify my purchase. And right now i only see Bayonetta 2 and Wonderfull 101 and that's not enough.

Neonridr1677d ago

That's why I have a PS4. If a major third party game skips the Wii U, I can pick it up for the Sony console. But damn, Nintendo did a fantastic job getting me excited for my Wii U for 2014 and especially 2015.

Shame Third party publishers don't feel the need to want to make games there. If they are willing to do a decent job on their ports and release them at the same time with the same features they might be surprised at how much more sales they might do.

Metallox1677d ago

I'd like to buy third party games on Wii U. But unfortunately the average Wii U player doesn't want, I don't blame however, the majority of third games released for Wii U are very bad ports, and that's a responsability of thirds. But they are scared of the low sales of their games on Wii U, so developers don't bother to make good adaptations on the console. I don't blame them however, because Wii U's sales are horrible.

Oh, wait, there's a paradox over there. It's a mess, and I don't know how Nintendo can fix it.

ValKilmer1677d ago

No idea how Nintendo could lead with a game called "Splatoon" and proclaim it their next big IP.

Moonman1677d ago

I bet it will be successful, maybe outsell one of the ones you feel is so much better....hehe.

Metallox1677d ago

Hopefully it will be successful, but you know, there are already people describing it as a game without personality, or that it should have Mario characters, or it will flop because it's new, or even worse, "Nintendo is working on this instead of my Majora's Mask remake?" Oh, man.

Come on, guys! Give it a chance!

eferreira1677d ago

I would love bring this comment back when it's released. I'm not hating on the game but it will not sell great.

weekev151677d ago

Did you watch any of the footage? Looks like ridiculous fun.

R00bot1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

They didn't lead with splatoon. It was literally the last thing they showed in the Digital Event.

ValKilmer1677d ago

Did you see pictures of their booth? It took up like half of it.

NintendoSonyfan1677d ago

So a games title make it popular? Well then it seems to have worked for Donkey Kong, Mega Man, and SSX which have odd sounding names.

Kevlar0091677d ago

I have the belief that this game was created by some of Miyamoto's new pupils. He has said for some time that by the time he retires he wants to pass down his philosophies and design skills to a new generation of Nintendo designers, since they can't always rely on him.

Splatoon is created by EAD which is the main Nintendo branch. And if you noticed Miyamoto's new IP's (Battle Robots and GUARD) aren't exactly industry busting games, rather fun ideas he's played around with that show gamepad features. Splatoon was one of their most developed games they showed off, combined with my belief they were rising stars which lead to its high exposure

Plus the idea is cool and something you'd see out of Valve

pcz1676d ago

i agree. its a hopeless game. totally void of character. looks really annoying. it wont catch on.

if anyone other than nintendo produced it, nobody would care. it looks like a forgettable, run of the mill game.

marloc_x1676d ago

I would crush you in this game:)

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Artista 1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Nintendo makes up for their lack of third party support with more first party games.

Third parties can't compete with Nintendos games. The user base buy nintendo consoles to play nintendo games. If you're a third party dev who wants to succeed on nintendos platfrom, you'll have to develop games that'd cater to the nintendo audience, not that pew pew stuff, and movie-like games.

I wonder how PS and Xbox would fare if third party games were exclusive to PC.

Kevlar0091677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

The Nintendo base is split unevenly between pure 1st party buyers and people like me who buy 3rd party if they think it's worth it. I was super-hyped for Watch Dogs on WiiU but now that it's been delayed and not as gamebreaking as I thought I'm less inclined to spend $60 on it. I only have a WiiU for current gen and would gladly get Far Cry 4 on release but Ubisoft would be lucky to break 100,000 since most people who own WiiU might not be interested (as we would assume).

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1677d ago

no they make up for it buy funding projects suchs as
Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third.

Collaborating with Sega, Capcom, Namco, Tecmo KOEI, Platinum Games and Atlus on new IP or cross-overs

DragonKnight1677d ago

Nintendo has a lacking 3rd party catalog because 3rd parties have yet to see any reason to put real support behind the Wii U. With Nintendo busting out the first party titles the way they did at E3 and showcasing them with their ingenious Treehouse format, Nintendo is drumming up gamer support for the Wii U, which will in turn eventually entice 3rd party developers to support the Wii U as well.

I don't understand what is up everyone's butt this gen, especially journalists, that they think in such short term ways. This era of instant gratification is annoying and ridiculously stupid. Anything worthwhile is never easy and takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish, so give Nintendo time. As a matter of fact, give Sony and Microsoft time as well. This impatience shows a marked lack of understanding of the complexities of game development and just what is required to make the best games we want to play.

KonsoruMasuta1677d ago

Reggie actually addressed this in an interview during E3. He said that they are fully aware of the situation and they have plans to fill in the gap. Ultimately, what they plan on making deal and creating 2nd party relationships.

You can expect a lot more exclusive deals with third party developers. You're already seeing this with games like Sonic Boom, Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third, and Wonderful 101. Basically, they'll go to the third parties if the third parties won't come to them.

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