Repetitive or Innovative: Hyrule Warriors Preview [Nintendo Enthusiast]

"How many characters? This one question could ultimately determine the fate of the merit of Hyrule Warriors. Many have concerns as to whether a game like Dynasty Warriors could stay interesting for as long as ten to fifteen hours — and understandably so" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Repetitive or innovative?
Probably a bit of both.
It's Dynasty Warriors, but it's got a good lock-on system for its combat and items specifically used for finding secrets and exploiting boss weaknesses, which is something not really done before in past Dynasty games.
The story sounds like it might be better than the average thanks to the change in universe, too.
Really looking forward to trying this out; it's a welcome break from traditional play of both series, without straying too far out from either one.

Metallox1613d ago

Doesn't matter for me anything of that. It has got Midna, so it's pretty much sold for me =D

fatneal1613d ago

as a sengoku basara fan i can say it depends on if your into these type games...but the article is long as there are a bunch of weapons and characters and upgrades available to switch up gameplay throughout the game it should be fine....also unlockables wouldnt hurt either

LaWiiG1613d ago

I think that the gameplay was fresh. It's something different and Nintendo stepping outside of its comfort zone. A few years back, they never would have attempted the E3 Digital Press event, nor gone after development of a game like this. It's Nintendo, as a company, taking risks in its own way. Kudos to them.