Minecraft Xbox One & PS4: New Achievements, Survival Gameplay & More

"Watch survival mode in action in the Xbox One Edition and learn more about the game's achievements."

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djplonker1585d ago

I really want a minecraft dual shock 4 now...

Immorals1585d ago

Count me in for a one controller!

its_JEFF1585d ago

I don't really play Minecraft... But that controller is looking pretty hot!

Cobberwebb1585d ago

I wish this game would die already.

Clown_Syndr0me1585d ago

I know right, I tried to get into it, I really did but blocks are just not fun for me, the graphics literally hurt my eyes.

Ripsta7th1585d ago

Clown syndrome - hey I know what you mean, but you're not doing it right. The purpose of this game is to build stuff. Most people build with friends though.Always see my little brother building and blowing stuff up with his friends. Some people have created some amazing stuff on Minecraft though

dodgemoose1585d ago

So because it's not for you it deserves to die?

Clown_Syndr0me1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

@Ripsta Yeah I know, I used to be a big fan of stuff like that when I was younger. I loved creating, played alot of the Sims just building houses, played RPG maker for years...just as I get older I have less time and patience.
Creating things in games is something Im personally not interested in, I prefer just playing peoples creations. Take Project Spark for example, during Beta Ive had some cool ideas but never got more than an hour into making them, I just rather play other peoples games.
Plus I work full time, have a 2 year old kid, I just don't have time to put into it. If I was younger, unemployed and living at home maybe I could get more into it. Infact I definately could.

@Dodge No I don't agree with that, I didn't exactly mean what I said - I just cant see the hype around it.

breakpad1585d ago

i agree totally is the most overrated game of this absolute mediocrity has all companies hyped to get the game to their consoles aka Sony because of the overpromotion it gets from various sites ..lame game

mixelon1585d ago

Why? How does people enjoying something you don't like have any impact on you at all.

It's clearly not "going away" In the foreseeable future considering how long it's seen success so far.

Ripsta7th1585d ago

Where can I pre-order that controller???

ocelot071585d ago

I want that controller.