99 Destiny Direct Feed Screenshots Demonstrate that it Looks Extremely Pretty on PS4

The public alpha of Bungie’s Destiny is in full swing and we can finally see how the game looks on PS4 with no tricks involved, right on your screens.

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Phene1589d ago

The thing I love most about Destiny, and I liked this before even playing it the UI, so clean and simple. I do a little designing and it always annoys me when I play an MMO or RPG and the menu & UI are just cluttered and overwhelming. Game devs should take a page out of Bungie's book, turned the game on yesterday and it was so easy to quickly pick up on my stats and inventory, etc. Also this game looks great on PS4 no question, wonder if it will look better once the final game ships.

Rikuide_Furame1589d ago

What struck me is the weather/time cycle. It sounds simple but after a touched down on the Earth for the second time, it was a totally different look. So far my only complaint is that PvP is VERY gear dependent and that needs to balanced. One gun shouldn't be the difference between double negative and double positive.

Phene1589d ago

Yeh I totally noticed the time first I thought I was imagining it but it definitely got darker. I haven't got past the first mission yet, didn't wanna play alone ..but so far I'm enjoying it. Definitely keeping my pre-order

XxDefiance42xX1589d ago

I personally like the gear dependent PVP. It gives you something to work towards to be able to overtake opponents. Hop into a PVP match and find out your gear isn't up to snuff, so you go back and farm gear that will bring you up to snuff. Hop back into PVP and find out skill is not to snuff, then practice peace practice. Then a new "expansion" (or dlc, however you wish to look at it) comes out and you keep playing PVP and others get the newest, greatest gear and are able to overtake you again. If this game's dlc adds new gameplay mechanics in addition to the constant grind for gear like other MMOs, this game will be a literal gold mine. People love to compete, and people love to progress, take those elements and place them into a FPS that is developed by Bungie, and I could see this game lasting 10 years like they hope.

LAWSON721589d ago

If any Dev can make a UI it is the champs at Bungie who made the kickass Halo Reach menus

Phene1589d ago

Oh and if anyone wants to play, I hate playing alone ..add me on PSN: fauxmatic

fr0sty1589d ago

This game definitely isn't much of a looker... Looks more last gen than anything. The animations for the characters are very stiff, and overall the game's look just doesn't scream next gen to me.

That said, the gameplay is pretty solid so far from what I've played.

ipach1589d ago

draw distance is amazing, but the core art/assets are not much better than PC/ultra version of say borderlands 2. still really good, but doesn't scream next gen... it's not going for a super realistic far cry type look though. there's a certain sci-fi slightly animated look to it all. does the job though; hope the missions become more interesting than hall and room firefights though... level design seems smart and the atmosphere so far is interesting

dumahim1589d ago

I didn't get why you needed to use a reticle on the screen to move around and select items instead of just using the stick or d-pad to move around much quicker and precisely.

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markyboy21811589d ago

yea final version will look quite a lot better then alpha n beta versions they always do

Pintheshadows1589d ago

Very pretty. Striking artstyle as well. I like the way games are beginning to look like their concept art.

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XiSasukeUchiha1589d ago

Destiny PS4 looks Niiiiiiccccccccccccccccccccccc cccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeee

hello121589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Screenshots look nice. I'll likely get it digitally on x box live. Pre-order bonuses are not that great on x box live yet. Hopefully that improves. I think you need to pre-order to get into the beta on xb1

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