Destiny PS4 Alpha Day/Night Time Comparison Screen, Amazing Graphics, Draw-Distance, Lighting & More

Here is a Destiny comparison screenshot showcasing graphics/visuals in Day and Night Time, if these are the details from the Alpha Build then just imagine how final retail build will look on Playstation 4.

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DanielGearSolid1641d ago

I wish it only went first person when you aim down the sights

Spinal1641d ago

No thanks a 3rd person halo type game doesn't fit in this world.

It's good that it goes 3rd person only in the tower to show off gear.

Been playing alpha on my ps4 this game is so damn fun. And would be even more fun with friends. The artstyle an visuals are beautiful. Day one in Sept. I wish they had a collectors edition or deluxe.

iKenny1641d ago

Say's who? You? Please!

szenkapotamus1641d ago

Absolutely agree. Really surprised by how large the Alpha is. Started playing last night and its in great condition already. Can't wait for the Beta and then the final product.

Feels like Halo and Borderlands had a baby.

Only - is that Peter Dinkledge sounds like he didn't get paid enough to care about his role.

Thatguy-3101641d ago

Dude I lost it when I met another player while playing story. Felt so great seeing another person in there with me. Similar to how I felt when I met someone in Journey. This alpha brought confidence to me again about the game.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891641d ago

Wait when did bungie announce this was coming out for pc and I thought it was just next gen consoles :s, someone let me know if this article is full of crap on versions of this game ? On topic : screen shots look cool :) I'm definitely interested

JDM720921641d ago

I feel like the transition from 3rd to 1st person everytime you aim down the sights would make for an annoying experience.

spicelicka1641d ago

That would be the stupidest thing ever, i don't think you realize how much difference that would make in the gameplay. It would be pretty annoying and clunky.

BattleTorn1641d ago

I agree that I like the 3rd-person integration, and want to see more of it. Like assassinations!

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XiSasukeUchiha1641d ago

Honestly these screenshots look really nice, and so sleek.

sam_job1641d ago

truly impressive.. an alpha build with these many details..

Dynasty20211641d ago

Err, an Alpha rarely ever, if ever, gets upgraded graphically in Beta and beyond.

And the proof is in almost every alpha ever.

Utalkin2me1641d ago

I got the doom3 alpha. And it was even missing some textures.

Most of the graphical polishing is in the last few months. If you do not think this is going to look better at release then i think you're dead wrong.

Neonridr1641d ago

I got my Alpha invite yesterday, I have to download it and give it a try this weekend.

BattleTorn1641d ago

Prepare to be impressed!

XtraTrstrL1641d ago

Me and my nephew were on till like 5am. It's pretty fun so far, and the loot collecting is addicting, always hoping to get an 'uncommon' drop.

kneon1641d ago

I'm finding it too ridiculously easy, so I guess it will be popular.

Enemies are just plain stupid and the autoaim is atrocious, you can see your gun being pulled towards them. That, in addition to there being no actual recoil, just a recoil animation, makes it like shooting fish in a barrel. I always aim for the head anyway but normally it takes some skill to get head shots, but not here.

XtraTrstrL1641d ago

It was hard for us, because I think we got into some missions we weren't ready for, or it was set to a higher difficulty. The spider was taking forever and ever to beat the first time we fought it. Other bosses/mini bosses were also sometimes way too high on HP. I assume we took some missions out of order, but other times, I agree that the enemy AI needed work.

This is an alpha though, and betas are even known to be clunky and have lots to be worked on still sometimes. So, I'll cut Bungie some slack, but keep an eye on the few issues I've noticed, to see if they improve on them by time of the release.

Ashunderfire861641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

The enemy A.I. may not be the best, but its not bad either. Stay in one place long enough just to pause(Game can't pause lol) the game to look at the options, only to see the respawn screen after a group of Fallin enemies kill me. Yes they do walk around the whole environment to track you down, or settle somewhere. The enemy A.I. is good at flanking you, and duck and hide into cover. They even try to knife you if they have an opportunity to. They can even runaway if they are at a disadvantage.

Guys this is a hardcore Halo fan since Halo 1 speaking, so I know how great Bungie's enemy A.I. can be. Those Halo games had some of the best A.I. I ever seen in a shooter! Bungie is true to their words, "30 seconds of fun." If you don't believe me play Halo 2 on Legendary from the original Xbox, and face those Jackal Snipers! If you don't know what your doing, you will die like a 100 times from these Jackals alone! Destiny will expand upon the greatness of Halo's A.I. So expect to see even better A.I. in the Beta and final game.

I don't know why their is so much hate for this game? I thought it was a great game, especially for an Alpha build that plays smooth like butter. Smoother than a just released Battlefield 4 game, which is a hell of a lot to say. Even the competitive mode Crucible is a beast to play in a great way.

kneon1641d ago

I've never seen the enemies stray from their zones, I can just hide behind cover for as long as I want and take my time knocking them down one at a time.

In fact if you want you can just run past them and they won't follow you to the next section of the mission.

I have to agree that the quality is excellent. I've not noticed a single glitch in several hours of play. If this had been a Bethesda game it would have crashed, hung or set fire to my console by now :)

Eldyraen1641d ago

Scout Rifles make it easy IMO as from a distance the AI is too easy to abuse (most of their weapons, so far, are short-mid range). They will usually run for cover but then peer out periodically with practically no chance of hitting you which makes it a bit OP.

The closer quarters is where it is at though as from short-medium range AI respond much better but out in the shared world it usually isn't a problem unless you activate a public battle or some of the optional exploration quests which spawn enemies in larger numbers. The Campaign mission wasn't very hard either but if you get in a jam with multiple enemy times it can get dicey and the Wizard on its own was pretty annoying so later on with more than just one it will begin to get more rough.

The Stikes though is where its at. Difficulty will vary depending on how you and allies play but it gets crazy at times (especially first time you attempt somethings) which is when I find the combat most enjoyable so I will be running Strikes often.

kneon1641d ago

But even in close quarters all you need do is step outside their zone and they won't follow. You just need to figure how big that zone is, and sometimes it's remarkably small.

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