Battlecry Teased For A Next Gen Release By Dev

The newly announced F2P action multiplayer, Battlecry, could very well be released on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, according to Rich Vogel.

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Aurenar1680d ago

We really need Battlecry?

boskoz1680d ago

This is an interesting question: I think we don't.
Another generic battle arena...

Alexious1680d ago

Antonov's style is amazing. And I love the concept.

They have to make the combat deeper, though, as it seems a bit stale now.

wannabe gamer1680d ago

its TF2 with swords and gore. whats not to love. like a more over the top chivalry

Ogygian1680d ago

I switched off when I heard this thing was F2P and multiplayer only.

Free to play is for people who can't afford to buy games even for £5 on a Steam Sale (ie. kids).

Multiplayer can be great fun, but IMO there's nothing quite like seeing a single-player game with top-notch AI and consequently more immersion than an MP-game where everyone runs around with highlighted names above their heads.

That, and for people who don't have much time to game (people with jobs, and especially those who also have a family), I feel that single-player games, though limited in play-time just offer more enjoyment per hour than endless multiplayer rematches.

SpideySpeakz1680d ago

No one cares, Beth. Stop clowning around and give us Fallout or Prey, damit

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