PS Vita - The Little Handheld That Could

When Sony sat down the world on January 27, 2011 and revealed to everyone the NGP (later renamed the PlayStation Vita), I thought to myself that Sony had finally done it. Here was a machine that broke down the barriers between console and handheld gaming, giving you a platform that could play console experiences on a portable device. All the cards were there to play one hell of a game and yet here we are three years later, and things haven’t really panned out the way anyone expected. And here are a few reasons why it’s all Sony’s fault.

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knifefight2212d ago

Someone at GameStop told me today that Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to this thing, so that'll be sweet.

bothebo2212d ago

Are you aware that the announcement was a mistake? Instead it is coming to the PS4

knifefight2211d ago

Aw EF. That is the last time I listen to GameStop.


Lifewish2212d ago

Yea unfortunately that announcement was a mistake and it will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One

3-4-52211d ago

Vita needs more games that EVERYBODY wants to play rather than tons of games that only 20,000 people at a time want to play.

^ This is it's main fault, which really has nothing to do with the Vita, but the dev's.

DualWielding2212d ago

I totally agree with the article...

Viper72212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Actually Vita is amazing for many of the recent indie gems like Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Terraria and such.

The Screen size and the resolution is just the right size and the touch-screen solves many of the issues for games with mouse heavy user interfaces which would be cumbersome to use with just buttons.

cyril sneer2212d ago

Thats ok for some people but i also game on pc where all the indies are cheaper and games like minecraft are far better due to mods on pc.
I bought the vita thinking oh its sony they won't let me down for great games and all we get are remakes and ports mostly i was expecting great new ip's from sony but it is like they can't be bothered.

Viper72211d ago

True mods make some of them somewhat better in that regard. But many of these games fit far better for handheld device than a gaming pc.

Many of them use pixel graphics or low poly models which look fairly rough with 19"+ monitor or TV that has like quadruple the resolution of the actual game assets.

Not forgetting that many of the rogue-likes have just about right single session length for bus trip or they work well with pop-in-and-out game sessions.

trickman8882212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Sony fucked up. Lack of Marketing, overpriced memory cards, bad ports, lack of true AAA games these days, no MHF. Sure there are nice games out, but ultimately it's selling like turd. And honestly, I didn't buy a Vita to just play Indie games and mediocre ports.

The PSP, while still being outsold by the DS, still had a good amount of games for it's lifetime, and didn't rely on indies to sell the system. We had GoW, FF Crises Core, DISSIDIA,Type 0 , MHF, and more.

With how horrible Sony has treated the Vita, they shouldn't make any more handhelds. Unless it's a full PS4 accessory with remote play and proper L2 and R2 buttons and R3+L3 buttons.

teedogg802212d ago

I love the hell out of my Vita, but real triggers and clickable analog sticks would make it so much better.

SpiralTear2211d ago

I'd take proper triggers and R3/L3 buttons over the terrible rear touch pad any day.

Reeze2212d ago

At the moment, I'm not super interested in the Vita. I have seen a few games that look fun, but I don't want to buy an entire system just for a few games. I think the Vita is an amazing system, but right now, I can't really justify purchasing it.

Before everyone replies with "but it has this game and this game and..." know that I have looked it up and I know the games, and a lot of them simply don't interest me. I wish Sony had focused a little more on the Vita this E3 so I could see that buying one was worth it. I'll keep my eye on it.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2212d ago

Most likely Gamescom and TGS there will be Vita stuff. I expect more indies,JRPGs,ports, and maybe a couple triple AAA announcements same thing every year.

dcj05242211d ago

Sony never really focused on the VITA at E3 ever Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary,Tear away, Gravity Rush 2,God Eater 2, Borderlands 2, Phantasy Star Nova ect.... are all gamescon and TGS.

Just sayin. All this dissapointment is baseless.

Reeze2211d ago

I'm not disappointed. It's just that maybe some Vita coverage in the main stream would have caught my attention. I think Tearaway looks neat, but I don't exactly have enough money to buy a Vita anyway.

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