Destiny 60 minutes of Titan Class PS4 gameplay HD

Some gameplay footage from the PS4 alpha showing off a female human Titan class character in solo and co-op actions.

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SideNote1686d ago

Sorry, but my opinion on it is that it looks ok. Maybe because games have cone on alot now. But I'm sure it plays great. Bungie know how to make us play.

Dark_Overlord1686d ago

If you're talking about graphics, I agree the graphics aren't the best (though it could be a case of putting lower textures in the alpha).

Load screens are a killer though, takes ages to actually get onto the planets. However once you're on the planet the game runs very smoothly, no loading screens or lag :)

The actual game though, is lacking greatly in the Alpha. Mainly go from A to B and kill/collect/stand. I'm hoping for a greater variety in the finished game :)

Dark_Overlord1686d ago

To the disagreers, I'm genuinely interested in your opinion :)

spaceg0st1686d ago

While I really enjoyed my play session (maxed out at level 8), I agree with your concern with the missions. Multiple times we found ourselves revisiting the same area again and again, fighting the same guys (because they'll respawn)...

Hope there's more to it, and I'm sure there will be. But if not, missions could become stale pretty quick.

Co OP is really fun

cyguration1686d ago

I get the feeling a lot of the disagrees are coming from fanboys who just don't want anyone saying anything bad about this game.

Nothing I've seen of Destiny screams "I must play this!"

I like shooters and I love games like Borderlands, but this game just looks way too generic for my tastes.

I'm sure there are plenty of young gamers who haven't played half-as-many FPS titles as some of us here and are probably disagreeing because Destiny looks really good to them.

OrangePowerz1686d ago

I have great fun with the Alpha, so far it's exactly what I wanted a FPS MMO.

Blacklash931686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Seems empty. Borderlands works because there's reward hotspots all over the place, with a chance to find your new best tool around every corner. The world in Destiny seems really vapid apart from occasional enemy encounters. What's the point of making a landscape if very little is in it?

Dinklage couldn't sound much more flat as that AI, too. It's not even a robot-flat kind of voice, just bland VA.

It's pretty and appears to play well, though. I REALLY want to fall in love with this game, but I'm nervous about how the experience will deliver. Just how unstimulating the gameplay environments look is highly concerning to me.

Priestwithgun1686d ago

Why is it tagged with pc??

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