The 5 moments that stole E3 2014

Neil from TXH writes "E3 2014 is done and dusted, but what were the five standout moments that stole the show? There were many a great story, trailer, CGI sequence or video to show off some great games at E3 2014 but there were five that stood out to us more than any others. So let’s discuss and take a look at them"

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lonelyplayer2214d ago

I would add magicka 2 trailer. So funny!

oasdada2214d ago

for me no man's sky, gta5, blood borne, the order, uncharted 4... well practically the whole sony e3 was a treattt

Gamer6662214d ago

For me... Dragon Age trailer, Uncharted trailer, Bloodborne trailer, Crackdown trailer, and Scalebound trailer...

oKidUKo2214d ago

Crackdown was my personal highlight, loved those games even with the glitches!

ghostface92214d ago

Dead island 2 trailer was kinda funny then you figured out what game it was and all excitement was gone. Should have been replaced with the halo master chief collection because it was better than even what the people who leaked had say it would be so much greatness for only 60 dollars had me running around the room from excitement

creatchee2214d ago

The Master Chief Collection sets the bar quite high for all future remasters/collections.

ghostface92213d ago

Ya I wonder how long they have been making this it had to have been multiple years cause this is crazy amount of content

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