This Recreated Map Of Doom's E1M1 In CRYENGINE Looks Amazing

YouTube’s member ’18T220′ has shared a new video, showing Doom’s E1M1 map being recreated in CRYENGINE. 18T220 has used a lot of CRYENGINE’s techniques to bring this re-imagined version of E1M1 to life.

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SuperDan-Dare1641d ago

Man, this takes me back. Looks really cool.

fr0sty1641d ago

I hope Doom 4 brings back that type of level design that the old Doom games had. Doom 3 just felt too different... I missed having massive wide-open levels with puzzles and hordes of enemies coming at me from all angles.

1641d ago
uth111641d ago

Amazing? Only some of the monsters/enemies. The walls and environment look much worse than the original Doom.

LightofDarkness1641d ago

Exactly,he's managed to make it look worse than a game from 1993. I suppose that's a talent.

MWH1641d ago

my thoughts exactly.

Milesprowers1641d ago

This is not amazing it's awful, Iron Sights really??

This ones better.

1nsomniac1641d ago

They should definitely release a remastered Ultimate Doom!!!

King_of_Nothing1641d ago

What did I just watch? He took a Doom level, made it shinier and crappier looking, and inserted enemies in red track suits and a protagonist in a yellow varsity jacket. Nice I guess

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