Rainbow 6: Siege - A thinking man’s shooter

A brief look at the latest incarnation of Rainbow Six and why we can't wait to play the game.

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Septic1680d ago

One of the best announcements at E3. Back to old-school mechanics. Raw gunplay and proper teamwork. THANK GOD!

Lets hope it doesn't get downgraded somehow -__-'

CaptainFaisal1680d ago

Will this be a full price game? My friends tell me that it wont. In my opinion this was my favorite announcement at e3 ! love Tom Clancy and love games with cops vs robbers. just hopping for another gameplay demo and an open beta this fall or holiday . Most importantly i enjoyed the team work part my friends and i are excited !

Septic1680d ago

Yeah it will be a proper full priced game.

Yeah the announcement took me by surprise. As soon as I saw the gameplay I knew it was Rainbow 6. Its finally going back to what made it great. That destruction is just epic.

SuperDan-Dare1680d ago

I am truly looking forward to this, too. While most shooters allow for tactics, it seems to apply more focus & reward to those who take a moment to plan their attack / defense.

Npugz71680d ago

The game has a full story campaign and the multiplayer that was shown! So yes it will be full price.


ya, agree..

We need more shooters that require a thinking man behind the trigger, We need more games with real next-gen powered AI to create challenging situations.

I am sure if you asked someone who is not a gamer to look at a few articles around the net and tell us what next gen gaming is about, they would probably say it's about frame rate and resolution.

It's shame really, I really want next gen to be about so much more then just graphical upgrade.

Anyway, with games like Rainbow 6, maybe we will start to see shooters step up their game... hopefully

otherZinc1680d ago

Ohh Yes!!! Agreed!

Please make this game co-op like Terrorist Hunt!

vega2751680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

For me this was ine of the games that stole the show for me. Im a big rainbow six fan and this got me so hype with the 5 man squad capturing the hostage and rescuing them. Can't wait to hear more about this one. Getting it for pc when it releases

iDadio1680d ago

This goes alongside Bloodborne as my favourite parts of e3 this year. Loved the old ones and this is looks like its keeping to its roots but with some amazing looking destruction. Tango down.

Software_Lover1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Hasn't it always been? I loved the Ghost recons of the original xbox time. Those were some great games to play. Ubisoft really had great games during that era of consoles. The Splinter Cell games were just genius. That was a time when I knew nothing about E3. Internet forums weren't running a muck. Blogs didn't try to dissect every little negative thing they could find. Devs made games and we played them. No resolution controversy (except with GTA ps2 vs xbox). Nothing. No overhype. Nothing.

I was still innocent then, even though I was an adult. Wish gaming could go back to those times.

edit: Now, Halo 2 was hyped. I think that was the first "hyped" experience for myself. The original Halo just made a name for itself on its own merit.

Bathyj1680d ago

Internet ruined gaming for me in a way. I used to buy magazines every month Dammit.

Software_Lover1680d ago

Hell yeah. The official mags with the game disc demos. I bought so many games because of those demos. I played so much kessen on ps2 and JRPG's galore.

SuperDan-Dare1680d ago

I swear, you two guys - I'm exactly the same. I knew nothing about E3 and got all my information from magazines like 'PC Gamer' or (speaking as a 30 something now) from the playground.

Now, you are bombarded by so much information and every weakness is scrutinised. Even on games you thought were otherwise fine. In some ways that's good but does take some of the magic away.

Rainbowcookie1680d ago

I also feel that the internet ruined the gaming mag feeling etc. Much cheaper and guess gamers are spoiled nowadays. I do fear that always online and day one dlc will destroy the gaming in me. Couch co-op used to be the bees knees ...

King_of_Nothing1680d ago

I used to look forward to tearing through my monthly EGM magazine and checking out all the games on the horizon. I miss that!

Bathyj1680d ago

Even though I've been gaming for over 30 years grew up on Atari, Game&Watch and these places we used to call arcades, in 1995 I was happy with my SNES and hadnt even heard that a new machine called Playstation was coming out.

I had to find out by accident, walking through KMart on the day that just happened to be the first day of my holidays and I was cashed up with holiday pay.

Seems so strange now in this information age that I knew nothing about it until I saw it with my own eyes. The closest thing I had seen to 3D graphics was Mode 7 on Mariokart. One look at Wipeout and I bought that AU$700 console on the spot along with Destruction Derby and Battle Arena Toshinden but I think I spent just as much time playing with the TRex demo.

Septic1680d ago

Yeah I remember buying the PS ONE on impulse. I didn't know a thing about it and saw it at Dubai airport and looked at the pictures of games at the back of the box. I remember looking at the Tomb Raider and Tekken pics and thinking wow I need this and bought it there and then.

Then when I went to my cousin's house they had the Nintendo 64 which I didn't hear about before either. My jaw hit the floor when I saw Super Mario 64.

These days, we know the intricacies of everything before the game is even released and in the future we probably will have all biometric data for game developers and the length of the hairs on their head.

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Bathyj1680d ago

I hope theres a good single player campaign and good squad commands. I love shooters with squad commands.

Bring back Brothers in Arms.

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