Destiny character creation options are pretty but limited

Destiny provides some excellent looking character models but lacks any detailed customization features.

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UnHoly_One1685d ago

I got into the alpha and I'm amazed at how underwhelming this game is.

I'm sure it's going to ride the hype train and the Bungie name to success, but it didn't show me anything worth paying 60 bucks for.

OhReginald1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Because all the delays. This game should have been a 2013 or even a 2012 title. It looks like an aged game already. We have seen it so many times in previews and videos over all these years and so its here and ....well...

lelo1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

"...and videos over all these years..."

What are you talking about? If I'm not mistaken, Destiny was presented to everyone last year.

As for Destiny, this game hasn't convinced me, bit sceptical about it. Maybe because I'm not into MMO's.

Nitrowolf21685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Are people seriously complaining about the content in an ALPHA build? Wow
Of course.its content deprived, its an alpha build, stop acting like the final game will be just this

Pick ur favorite game, and now remove 98% percent of it, pretty underwelming isnt it?

rdgneoz31685d ago

Yah, 1 planet for the alpha which is the starting planet and highest level is 8 out of 20... Yah, the full game will be so underwhelming... Make some friends and explore the world / try the raid out. The full game is suppose to start when you hit 20, which is also when you can do the 6 man raids. There are also3 subclasses for each class (only 1 of which is unlocked in the alpha), which should provide variety within each class.

morganfell1685d ago

Limited? It's an Alpha. that explains. Even the level cap is set low. ITS AN ALPHA.

That said its rock solid stable and a blast to play.

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Clown_Syndr0me1685d ago

You do realise an Alpha isn't a final build right? They aren't charging $60 for this.
But I do agree, I understand its limited content but its not very fun at all. You Americans should be greatful games are only $60, in England we pay £50 a game, which is $84.80. :(

Shadonic1685d ago

Exactly!!! Honestly Destiny has become the game to hate since the budget reveal and now people just seem to be hating on it because a lot of other people are doing it when they next to nothing about the game.

UnHoly_One1685d ago

I realize it isn't the final game, I realize that it is only a small slice of the whole pie.

And I'm not even saying it is terrible. It was just sort of "okay" to me.

Hell, I'll probably end up buying the game, still, as I'm sure at the very least it would be fun to play with my friends.

I'm not hating on the game, I'm just sort of "meh" about it right now.

spaceg0st1685d ago

it feels like a borderlands-halo-mass effect cross. I could see myself putting some hours into it with co op.

GW2121685d ago

I love all three of those games... Count me in.

cr33ping_death1685d ago

"I love when Sony fans get all butthurt " taken from one of your comments... so yeah your critique of the game is believable.

UnHoly_One1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

What does that have to do with anything?

That was in response to some idiot blabbing about sales figures, this is a conversation about a multiplatform game.

You think I'm biased to the point where I will badmouth a game I could play on my Xbox just because I'm currently playing the Alpha on PS4? That doesn't even make sense.

It's sad that you are so hurt by me saying it's "underwhelming" that you have to comb through my comment history looking for ammo to "prove" that my opinion is invalid. Wow.

cr33ping_death1685d ago

it shows you have hatred towards SONY and its fans. its easy to see where someone stands with their comments history buddy. a closer look at your comments history and your initial comment could even be considered trolling. you sure love down playing a lot of things again your comment about how "underwhelming" the game is to you is moot. have a nice day kid.

UnHoly_One1685d ago

Kid? That one always cracks me up. I'm probably old enough to be your dad. lol

And saying I don't Love a game is trolling?

So in your perfect little world everyone has to agree with you at all times, or what?

Just because I like to counter some of Sony fanboy stuff that gets posted on this site doesn't mean I hate every game on a Sony system, especially one that it is multiplat.

You realize that just because I'm playing the Alpha on PS4, if I were to come out and say that the game blows, I would be talking about the Xbox version as well, right?

I don't get why you would even think any different.

But whatever floats your boat. There is obviously no point in arguing with you.

Magicite1684d ago

western games usually suck at character creation/customization.

korean mmos excel in character detailed creation.

hopefully release build of destiny will impress us.

XBOTTOX1684d ago

LOL @ all the PS Ponies trying to make this into a flamewar over playstation 4 like this is their game. Its a multiplat and even if it wasn't, if its underwhelming, its underwhelming.

For the record as well as soon I saw gameplay of this game I called "MEH" as well.

UnHoly_One1684d ago

At least somebody gets it.

You'd think this was a Naughty Dog game the way they have claimed it as their own.

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Legacy2121685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Played it and felt pretty underwhelmed. Voice acting is pretty bad lol. Game play Feels is halo mixed with borderlands. But it just felt average. Def not a single player game.

patsrule3161685d ago

I thought Peter Dinkledge did a really good job voice acting as the robot. He didn't ham it up like clap-trap. He kept it somewhat robotic, but still had personality.

NiteX1685d ago

All I hear is Tyrion. Which really isn't a bad thing at all.

rdgneoz31685d ago

@NiteX It's like when Nolan North using his regular voice in Uncharted, then everyone else wants the same thing. Even though he do such amazing work like in Batman as the Penguin.

No_Limit1685d ago

Man, there seems like a lot of people are underwhelmed by the Alpha judging from the Neogaf thread and the comments here. I am still keeping my pre order but hopefully the beta will be an improvement.

OmegaShen1685d ago

A must buy game, don't listen to the trolls above. Game looks great, even LevelCap said he was shock how good a console game can look so good.

Artista 1685d ago

I was always sceptical. I'm hoping to be wrong. Tell me you're having fun, those of you playing.

logan_izer101685d ago

I was incredibly skeptical. I was telling my friends I wasn't going to buy it. After playing for 5 hours last night, I was hooked. I was still "Unimpressed" for the first hour or two. After which point, I couldn't stop. Multiplayer was a blast and the most fun I've had since Halo 2. I also had a ton of fun in the public events where we met up with another firesquad and we were trying to take down a giant spider-bot. Loving this game!

Artista 1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Thanks for your feedback. I will keep an open mind. It seems one just needs to give it a chance.


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