No Man’s Sky is E3 2014′s Best Indie Game

MediaStinger: "No Man’s Sky blew us away when it was revealed in December at VGX. The little game that nobody had heard of before teased instant planet-jumping that even $500 million budgeted games weren’t. Shortly after its reveal, the game’s future seemed to be in jeopardy after it was reported that a flood had resulted in the physical destruction of developer Hello Games’ studio. Thankfully, Hello Games had backups and at Sony’s E3 2014 Media Briefing it was revealed that the game is still on track and coming to the PlayStation 4 first."

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Mr-Dude2219d ago

And well deserved.. To bad we don't have a release date :-(

ZodTheRipper2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I can't believe people disagreed with you, what's wrong with N4G recently? I noticed lots of stealth disagrees in the Bloodborne gameplay article as well.

MysticStrummer2219d ago

No Man's Sky = Indie

Bloodborne = PS4 exclusive

FlunkinMonkey2219d ago

There's been a massive effort to downplay any PS4 game from second accounts due to insecurity, and the need for MS to come off as looking good after last years fiasco.

I have noticed hundreds more accounts created. It's remarkably sad, as they are likely to have been created from a handful of people, who i think everyone can guess who.

Serg2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Disagrees on this site are being used as downvotes, nothing more. How does nobody realize this? People hit the disagree button the same way they would hit a downvote button on Reddit or somewhere else. If someone doesn't like what you said, whatever it was, they will "downvote" you, or on this site, disagree with you. It's that simple.

lelo2219d ago

"I can't believe people disagreed with you, what's wrong with N4G recently? I noticed lots of stealth disagrees in the Bloodborne gameplay article as well."

OPINIONS. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just because their opinions is different then yours, doesn't mean it's not valid.

Not everyone thinks No Man’s Sky was the best indie.

Same thing about Bloodborne. Not everyone likes that type of game, or the Souls series.

As for my opinion, No Man’s Sky looks very promising and Bloodborne I couldn't care less for it. I don't like the Souls series... and before you ask, yes I do have a PS4.

Fishy Fingers2219d ago

Who gives a s*** about an anonymous user disagreeing/agreeing with you anyway?!

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hello122219d ago

Going from one world to the next and on, and they all look different the worlds. For me this is the game of the year.

Four guys in small home based studio made this, truly, a remarkable achievement.

I hope it plays as good as it looks on video.

3-4-52219d ago

No Man's Sky is the type of game I could play off and on again for 5 years and never get sick of it.

Or that is how it seems so far.

* One of the most visually appealing and beautiful games I've ever seen, and the concept and gameplay are cool to think about as well.

Eonjay2219d ago

It is also E3 best game period.

Nine_Thousaaandd2219d ago

I agree...Shuhei Yoshida's favorite Indie game at E3 was No Man's Sky as well. I love games like this...and that other game Abzu, I can't wait to play 'em!

medman2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I doubt Hello Games will be indie for long. I fully expect Sony to secure them long term. The developer stated the game is coming to ps4 first, and they would like to do a pc version, but that is not certain. He wouldn't even mention xbox by name. That just doesn't happen in the games industry unless Sony has helped them along the way or may be in discussions about securing them exclusively. So reading between the tea leaves suggests to me Sony knows this game could be something special, and it would be an enormous get for them to have exclusivity. The attention this game would get from the non gaming press alone would make it worthwhile. I'm not a fan of timed exclusivity or dlc, or exclusivity outside of first parties because I feel the more gamers get to play a great game the better. But in this instance I think this is a rare opportunity and I feel Sony realizes it.

Dewitt2219d ago

Will be on PC and XB1 Sony signed a contract with them for first release rights. Charla has been in constant contact with them.

Serg2219d ago

Quantic Dream released Fahrenheit on XBox and PC alongside PS2. They have been exclusive to Sony ever since. I didn't check but I think they are still not owned by Sony outright. Instead have an exclusive contract.

Hello Games could very well become one of Sonys studios. Right now they aren't worth very much, so Sony could snack them up for very cheap and grow the studio from there. The guys are clearly incredibly talented and are the textbook example of why indies are so important to Sony.

hello122219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Its a timed exclusive from what i heard. Sony could buy them though we see?

[email protected] Hmmm might even get a PS4 with the VR Has anyone tried it out at E3, the game.

Any videos?

MysticStrummer2219d ago

That would be a huge deal. Imagine a No Man's Sky Morpheus bundle...

King_of_Nothing2219d ago

Thats a perfect match. I'd pick that up day one.

Agent_00_Revan2219d ago

That would guarantee my purchase of the Morpheus.

DanteVFenris6662219d ago

Just to correct some of you above none of what you are saying has been confirmed. As far as we know it's exclusive to sony. It might come to Xbox one but at this point that is just speculation and wishful thinking

Dewitt2219d ago

I have been talking to Charla, trust me it is coming to the XB1.

DanteVFenris6662219d ago

@dewitt not to be rude. I have a good feeling it will too in a year or so after. The people who are like "it'll be a month" I think are just fanboys with too much wishful thinking. Cause it definitely won't be. But anyway besides the point the rude part, I don't believe random people that claim to talk to these executives.

I also googled and looks like charla wants it on, but that doesn't mean Sonys hasn't paid some cash to keep it.

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Yetter2219d ago

Prepare to be disappointed. This game is extremely ambitious and could be great but from what I've heard in all the dev interviews I'm not convinced it will be.

Doesn't seem to be any sort of progression hook, just exploration with no really motivation.

It seems there is no multiplayer in this game. Everytime a new player starts a game, a planet is made for them. You can go visit other planets (made by other players...sort of) but you won't be running into other players.

There is resource gathering and upgrading but no crafting or base creation and no inventory.

I am also not convinced that any of the individual mechanics (movement, shooting, flying) will be very tight just because the team is so small and the scope of the game is so ambitious.

Honestly, when I saw this game at VGX I was extremely excited about it but the more I hear about, the more skeptical I become

DanteVFenris6662219d ago

Dude it doesn't need any gameplay for most people. The exploration and using your good old noggin for imaginarity role playing will make more then limitless stories. If you use even half the imagination the human brain can dish out you can have 100 hundreds of hours of fun from the looks of it.

If you have no potential for outside of box thinking and need someone to hold your hand through the game. Then no it won't be.

The exploration part alone makes this game a 10 in my eyes everything else just makes that score go higher, like ship battles, land battles, rpg elements.

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MysticStrummer2219d ago

Just watched an interview. According to the dev there is a Journey/Dark Souls style of multiplayer. It is possible to run into other players.

KinjoTakemura2219d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to checking this game out. It's unique to consoles.

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