Why Watch Dogs Doesn't Feel Real

From the article - What makes an open world alive? It’s a difficult endeavor to try and create the illusion of a living world in a virtual environment. What does Skyrim, Los Santos or Dunwall have that we classify them as “Living worlds” as oppose to other games like Watch Dogs? While Watch Dog’s world of Chicago isn’t bad it’s not memorable either, where as the world of Columbia, Empire City and Pandora will not be forgotten.

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Kingthrash3602215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

No game feels real...because, they are games...not life simulators......*drops mic*

To be fair no sandbox game feels real....real is boring. I can't walk around stealing cars and running over countless j-walkers in real life...I may want to but I don't...not until I go home and play almost any sandbox game ever made.

wannabe gamer2214d ago

i never thought it should be real.

alti2214d ago

uh-oh, a game sold well! Here come the "THIS IS WHY THE GAME SUCKS" from the tiny penis gallery.

romancer2214d ago

So games sales are a sure sign of customer satisfaction? --

and either women don't play "Watch Dogs" and/or penis size and intellectual acumen are related.

I thought the author of the article was simply saying that the imaginary world of Watch Dogs is not as compelling (to him) as the "open" worlds of GTA 5, Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite. (Personally, I might be more impressed with Watch Dogs if GTA had never existed -- which is not saying the same thing.)

Summons752214d ago

Why it shouldn't:

A) its fiction and suppose to be unreal giving us options we can't do in real life.
B) most importantly, its a video game. Its suppose to be a fun escape from the real.

Clown_Syndr0me2214d ago

In terms of pedestrian behaviour, this game feels more real than most sandbox games. The peds don't just walk around like zombies, they are conversing, on the phone, having a drink etc etc.
Most open world games fail in that department.

creeping judas2214d ago

My biggest pet peeve the the pedestrians is when I am driving a car down some pedestrian area, and lay on the horn and they dont move. They only move when I get a certain distance away from them. In other games the horn would disperse the pedestrians as they would be fleeing for their lives.

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