Fable Legends Preview – A Fable Reborn I The Koalition

Edward V at The Koalition writes:
The Fable series is one of the Xbox’s most recognized franchises. The recognition is bittersweet; known for being a pretty stellar series and for somehow always failing to deliver on the promises that creator Peter Molyneux set forth with each iteration. Fable Legends is no longer at the hands of series creator and that might be just what the series needed to freshen up. This week at E3 I had the opportunity to get my hands on Fable Legends and a chance to chat with the devs behind the game.

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Lawboy21683d ago

Hopefully I get in the beta registered a couple days ago

hazelamy1683d ago

Fauxble more like.

ok that one's not great.
how about Fakeble.

or just plain not Fable.