Is this Microsoft's chance to catch up with Sony?

Lewis Ward, Research Manager at IDC, says Microsoft's announcement to make the Kinect optional, along with a reduction in retail price by $100, will give its Xbox One a boost.

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AngelicIceDiamond1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I dunno bout catch up but gain momentum in sales for sure.

Kingthrash3601591d ago

They shall get a boost. But catch..nah, neither blew us away at e3. The new SKU will help sales..but Sony hasn't lost momentum.

ThunderSpark1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Catch up with Sony? Don't they have to catch up with Nintendo first? Way to jump the gun. Sony did what they had to do at E3 and that was to not be defined as the loser. They showed high quality games, innovation, and a possibly superb game streaming product that could revolutionize the industry. Momentum is still in their hands and NPD will continue to show that.

Eonjay1591d ago

I have to agree that they wont catch up but he believe that by the end of next year we may see console sales parity. Once again, Kinect is being thrown under the bus and is seen a the sole reason (as it effected price) as to the disparity.

Boody-Bandit1591d ago

"but Sony hasn't lost momentum"


That was the whole point of E3 between MS and Sony. In order for MS to close ground that had to come out of E3 with momentum shift and I didn't see that happen. Regardless of the pacing of their press conference, which was excellent, they didn't show anything or make any announcements that had anyone jumping out of their seats and jumping online or rushing to a store to pick up an X1 right then and there.

All 3 had great showings. I don't see any positions changing in the near future and I don't see Sony not staying on top this generation.

TheGreatAndPowerful1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

meanwhile on amazon, the Xbone has dropped from 41st to 45th spot.. not seeing that desired boost quite yet.

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Pogmathoin1591d ago

For the next few years, PS4 will for sure stay ahead. X1 just has to stay in the game for now, later on when prices drop, they will do well, but for those who worry about scores, Sony has this in the bag.... but always good to have someone pushing them, forces innovation, which is what we gamers want, I would hope anyways.

MultiConsoleGamer1591d ago

If this doesn't work nothing will. They threw everything at Sony at E3 but the kitchen sink.

In all honestly, they had better games than Sony last year and better games than Sony this year. Sony's only strengths last year was the no DRM thing and the lower price tag.

Kingthrash3601591d ago

Largly opinion based comment bro. You could have used a "IMO" somewhere in there.

MultiConsoleGamer1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


MS had the best showing at E3, no doubt. They also had the best games last year. All Sony had was cheaper hardware, petty jabs at the competition, and hollow promises of no DRM. If this showing doesn't convince the general public nothing will. Sometimes the better man doesn't always win.

I will say this, Sony is flat out lying about their alleged 7 million sales figure. So that's out there and it's something to consider.

I personally believe the Xbox One gives you more bang for your buck and is the better product than the PS4.

Just giving you some background so you can understand my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

IRetrouk1591d ago

Lol they cant lie about the sales, do some research to see why, the rest of your comment is opinion at best and at worst wishfull thinking.

MysticStrummer1591d ago

"Just giving you some background so you can understand my opinion"

The background to your opinion is more opinions.

"I will say this, Sony is flat out lying about their alleged 7 million sales figure. So that's out there and it's something to consider."


ThunderSpark1591d ago

@MultiConsoleGamer: Yup, way to begin the thread with lies and trolling. You're a known troll on N4G, please go away somewhere while real gamers talk about games. I feel all three companies did well but momentum will still remain the same. Sony hasn't lost its edge and the superb games and gameplay they showed at E3 proves it. We'll see what happens throughout the year but as of right now, I do not see anything slowing down PS4 sales.

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FlunkinMonkey1591d ago ShowReplies(4)
OrangePowerz1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

What hollow promise of no DRM (digital games don't count they can't make them DRM free)?

I know a lot more people with a PS4 than X1 including people that had been long time Xbox supporters so I don't think that 7 million was a lie. Plus as business you can't afford to lie about stuff like that because if it would be found out that they lie about it they would be in big trouble for falsifying their reports.

That MS had better games at E3 and that their console is better is your own opinion, just like it is my opinion that MS didn't show much that I want to play. For me personally what I would want to play is the DR3 DLC, Ori and the Halo remastered games. For me the console doesn't offer any features I want or need that the PS4 wouldn't have. That's called personal preference, just like your personal preference is the X1 and the games they showed over what Sony has.

Chevalier1591d ago

You're delusional you do realize Sony would pay increased taxes on their increased sales and that there are severe penalties for reporting falsified sales to shareholders etc. It's not beneficial to Sony to pay more taxes on phantom sales like you suggest. Also all units have easy to track Serial numbers for each individual unit. If you were going to make up sales you wouldn't want something easy to track you'd want items that are in bulk without such things which make it easy to discover. Just go read up on other examples like Enron to see what disastrous results could be.

MultiConsoleGamer1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Sony fans always drag out the whole "but they would get in trouble for lying excuse."

But that's just it. By combining sales figures they've found a creative, legal loophole that no one else in the industry uses. This gives them the ability to lie about their numbers and yet still remain in a legal gray area.

@Chavalier. NPD only covers %60 of the US market. We also haven't seen legitimate Sony NPD data in almost three years. The only thing that has appeared online is fake numbers from vgchartz and "estimates" from the NeoGAF marketing forum which are also fake.

IRetrouk1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Are you really still trying this crap?, you have been busted gtfo.

Chevalier1590d ago

So you have proof and sales data proving that NPD and all these numbers are falsified to show and enlighten us right? Because you say so is an opinion until proven otherwise with factual proof. Please show us all how we are all wrong with this incredible proof then. Because without that your literally just some idiot with an opinion. Also while your at it I would love to see any data you have involving this RROD thing last gen and would love to know failure rates and multiple unit replacements while your scrounging up info to prove those evil Sony lies. True story I wouldn't have even known evil lies till you came along. Your a true hero for revealing this. Thanx a bunch!

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oODEADPOOLOo1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I hope Microsoft gets more ambitious with Phil around and do somethings that will even get sony's attention. Just to keep sony on its feet and not complacent and show off more games. Was dissapointed at this years E3 thought Sony was playing it too safe, could have shown more gameplay from the order and uncharted had zero gameplay, just a facial closeup. Third party did a better job of bringing gameplay esp batman and the now third party kojima.

kungfuian1591d ago

Not sure about catch up per say but they definitely made steps to undo some of the negative pr that helped Sony get the lead they have. And Sony didn't leverage their lead very well if you ask me.

Personally I'd say Microsoft had a solid but very conservative/safe e3 presentation with the typical halo, forza, cod, ass creed, etc.. All great games but a little low on the wow factor. Sunset looks good but after fuze and the last few ratchets I'll take a wait and see with insomniac games. I'd say Microsoft also did a really good job of leveraging their history of online gaming experiences with lots of solid competitive, cooperative, and asynchronous gameplay shown, and a few of the indis looked great (Ori and Inside). I give them a B (below an A due to lack of wow moments. They also get nagative marks for the conker tease and big fat 'make your own damn game' fu seconds later)

Sony on the other hand had really really great content with more stand out games imo (the order, blood borne, and uncharted all looked crazy good) but their presentation was really badly organized (lacked a coherent theme, terrible pacing, missed opportunities to frame announcements in context to larger strategy, etc)! Overall I give them a similar B rating (below an A for all the above mentioned things plus failing to show the Ratchet remake and for announcing it in the wake of the movie instead of the other way around; because we like games more than movies and why fing announce it if you can't at least show it.)

Overall I'd say Sony still has the better line up this year due to multiplats running better (almost always look/perform better). Due to this ps4 will remain my go to box for all multiplats. That and they have a ton of really really good indi content with a huge lead in that space.

Aside from that both machines appear to have similar overall quality and volume of exclusive content leading into the next year (both consoles have fairly thin 2014s with this regard based on my tastes) with all the really great stuff starting to hit in 2015.

No_Limit1591d ago

"Overall I'd say Sony still has the better line up this year due to multiplats running better"

That statement make no sense at all. So what are you saying is a few years ago when PS3 had the better exclusives but all their third party port are below the X360, the Xb360 won, right?

Eonjay1591d ago

In the US, combined with a lower priced console, that is exactly what happened.

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