AC: Unity female character petition approaching 5000 signature mark

The gaming community hasn't taken kindly to Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s lack of female characters - or more specifically its reasoning for that lack of inclusion. The reopening of the gender debate has polarised the community, with those lamenting the overwhelming maleness of the game taking to to sign a petition to show their dissatisfaction over the matter.

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HanCilliers2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

"I've also studied computer animation and 3D modeling, and I can confirm, that from that perspective, it is a time consuming process creating and animating characters." Like, if they had the time to create 6 male characters, they surely could've used that same time to create a female one. Or are you saying it takes more time to create a female/ethic model than a white male one :S


KUV19772212d ago

It should be obvious that creating one male character and copy-pasting it 3 times should be different then creating a male and a female character. However, I also don't see the pure character-creation as a viable explanation. ALso using all the male animations on the female and only changing a select few would have been doable with a lot less work than completely redoing all female animation.

But: noone yet knows how much voicework went into the coop. Maybe there are hours of spoken dialogues with 4 different male voices. Opening the possibility to switch any character for a female would mean that each part would have to be revoiced, which is time consuming and voice actresses also cost money. Of course they could have done it, had they initially wanted to have a female in the mix. But they just didn't. They wanted four male assassins... and as content creators it should be their choice want they want to have in their games! It is yours not to buy it if you insist on a female character.

Anthotis2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Well said.

I hope game developers start taking a stand against sick SJWs, and don't allow their games to be affected by anti-white sentiment, misandry and other ridiculous leftist politics.

insomnium22212d ago

Agreed! Holy hell do people want to find things to get offended by. All this overly sensitive butthurt is counter productive to the cause.

BlackWolf122212d ago

So basically what you are expecting, is a female character who walks like a male, gestures like a male, moves like a male, makes facial expressions like a male, and has a male voice?

Because that is what would have happened if they did what you suggest.

The 4 male characters in co-op are copy and paste animations of the same models. Perhaps with very minor tweaks.

Everyone out there with zero experience in animation should stop acting like they know what they are talking about.

And you know what? Ubi chose not to use a female this time around. So effing what!! We had a female assassin in that Vita AC game so they are not sexist. Shit like this makes me feel embarrassed to be part of the gaming community.

lord zaid2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

No, creating a female character doesn't inherently take more time, but it would be a separate process that would require it's own resources. You couldn't just take the male stuff and make adjustments.

Also you need to understand, creating and animating a character is collaborative process. It isn't just one person doing it. Typically, a concept artist would need to design the character, then a digital artist would create the assets to build the character, then animation rigger would build a skeleton to animate it, then a animator would do the actual animation. And that's just the animations bits, the may well be some programming facets that come into play here.

That's at least four people that need to work on that and they aren't going to do it for free. If your budget can't accommadate that, then what are you supposed to do? Half-ass a female character into the game?

Chrischi19882212d ago

I really dont get, why this becomes a problem right now... Why does it suddenly matter if there is a female character. It is not like they decided against a female character for some sexist reason, it just happened, just like in most games. Why dont other games get this treatment by the fans? Just because it is in France?

bixxel2212d ago

Everyone may not want a female protagonist....

lord zaid2212d ago

That may be true. But as I said earlier, if nearly half of gamers are female, I would imagine there a lot of people that do want female leads. Or even just more females generally.

madjedi2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

Esa may say half of the gamers are female, but i don't buy it not for the consoles, i'd say 20-25%.

I still think females aren't into gaming as much as males in general, probably more play on their partners system than own their own.

Maybe the percentage is higher on pc, i see more guys go into gamestop ect than women.

Matt6662212d ago

back then during that era women were seen as second class citizens and expected to stay at home cook, clean etc so to have a female assassin could be good or bad depends how historically correct /or incorrect you want to be

flora911612211d ago

Charlotte Corday assassinated Jean-Paul Merat who was in part responsible for the radicalization of the French Revolution.(which is Unity's time period, is it not?) Please do your research better next time, just because women were expected to act a certain way did not mean they did....

Matt6662211d ago

I said it could be good or bad depends how correct they want to be if you actually read what I put. Furthermore what about all the previous assassins creed games where females where lacking. No body seem to mind hen so why kick up the fuss now, ,when they could of done at the beginning.

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MRMagoo1232212d ago

Why does anyone care if it has female characters to play , "gamers" have really gone down hill.

TheSaint2212d ago

I don't see the issue either.

BlackWolf122212d ago

Totally agree. The gaming community has gone completely insane over the last year. Just a bunch of little birches now complaining about every single thing possible.

I remember the days when we used to just play games to have fun.

palaeomerus2212d ago

5000 signatures on an online petition and a few blog sites looking for hits is hardly "the gaming community" in any sense. Nor is there a monolithic community that games in the first place.

Gezmoyassine2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of this.There are plenty of games with female lead..Tomb Raider,Bayonetta,Remember Me,Metroid...i can keep going but i think you all get the point.Female characters get their fair share in the spotlight...People just want to make a fuss over nothing...Just grow up people.

shivvy242212d ago

Nailed it ! I dont get why people care, I dont really care if its a malr or female protagonist, if its a good game then ill play

stavrami-mk22212d ago

thing is they haven't its more the people on this site who like to debate because they think there gaming guru's …..anyone who is normal in the head don't give a rub if the character has a female or not. its a shame this site has so much info or i would be out of here. gets boring real fast talking to people who post a few articles then all of a sudden think there bill gates

ginsunuva2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Those aren't gamers. They're probably /r/feminists.

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NovusTerminus2212d ago

My god. I do animation as well, all the assassins in Unity use the same kit. Yes, it would have shown them down about a month to do a female animation kit, which would put them at the very end of November, which means the miss some holiday sales.

You may do animations, but you don't seems to understand workflow, budgets and shedules.

F4sterTh4nFTL2212d ago (Edited 2212d ago )

They should have playable females in COD, Battlefield and FIFA as well.

ginsunuva2211d ago

And playable children. Toddlers are especially underrepresented in games.

Clown_Syndr0me2212d ago

Really? People actually care about this?
Its like people have an addiction, a NEED to complain. Ubi showed us a stunning demo, some may even call it flawless, so when the nit-pickers realised there was nothing to complain about they created this "controversy" to give them something to protest.

memots2212d ago

Well said.

It is again ridiculous that it went that far already.
reading any comments thread, Youtube, Facebook(public thread)any gaming forum or here all you see is people complain about everything.

Look at what happened to Watchdog .. it was as if everyone turned on the game and the media jumped on the bandwagon.

bixxel2212d ago

Yeah.The Demo was totally mind blowing.People are complaining for simple stuffs.Think:A female mass murderer doing a bloodbath on armies....That looks a bit weird.But yeah,who am I to say that.

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