Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift offer ridiculously immersive gaming experiences

Skeptics take note – virtual reality headsets are the future of immersive gaming.

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MultiConsoleGamer2211d ago

One is truly innovative and represents the future of gaming. The other is like sitting too close to your TV.

maniacmayhem2211d ago

It'll be interesting to see how much these devices cost. Has there been any article discussing this or has either company said what they want the price to target.

Anything above 200 is a no go from me personally.

NewMonday2211d ago

might as well forget about it then and check back after 10 years.

pat_11_52210d ago

I have a feeling it's going ot be priced in the $300 or so range.

tastas212211d ago

True. This is never coming out. Sounds weird too. I don't want to play a game with a thing strapped to my face.

pat_11_52211d ago

You might be surprised. I went into checking it out very skeptical and left beyond impressed.

_sleeves2211d ago

Cannot wait for the future of VR. Had the chance to try the Oculus at a gaming conference a few weeks ago, by way of a game where the goal was to diffuse a bomb. The immersion was almost too real - having two people scream instructions on how to diffuse was beyond stressful.

Going to be sweet!

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