E3 2014: Miyamoto on What's Next for Nintendo

This information comes from Shigeru Miyamoto, speaking with IGN:

“Well, we’re always experimenting with a lot of different kinds of new hardware. Certainly, we’ve put a focus more recently on what we can do to better improve the transition from one hardware system to the next. Going from GameCube to Wii, we were able to mature a smooth transition from one to the next in terms of the development environment. But with Wii to Wii U, there were some hurdles there that we had to overcome in making that transition to the new hardware system.”

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Mr Pumblechook1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

"Other than that, you can look forward to what comes next."

There's been a lot of talk on the internet with people suggesting Nintendo's next machine is a combined portable and home console so WOW to hear Miyamoto actually considering it. Wii U could do better so I really hope Nintendo carve a massive place for the self in the new game's market.

Also, Pilotwings. People want it.

Ultr1592d ago

Why do they already talk so much about the next thing :/ makes me kinda wanna wait... But I want that Zelda...and I need my Pokemon infusion

AJBACK2FRAG1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Well last year Nintendo merged their hand held and home console divisions. I wrote here before, instead of putting their games on mobile devices which some think would net them billions. They will be the mobile device! In my opinion Nintendo is going to compete with smart phones and smart devices and probably win. Anything that takes attention away from their media is the enemy not just Sony and Microsoft but sports, broadcast television, movies, anything!!!!

KakashiHotake1592d ago

It's hard to predict what Nintendo's next move will be hardware wise. They always try something a little different every generation. Nes, gameboy, Power Glove, Virtual Boy, Snes, Game boy color, gameboy advance, N64, Wii, DS, Wii U, 3DS, etc. Just takling a look back at it all even though everything isn't always well received by the public, it will definitely be exciting to see what they reveal.

higgins781592d ago

Seriously, who ever doubted Nintendo couldn't turn it all around...noobs? Sure, the Wii U isnt head and shoulders above its 'competition' but (at present) its at least a level playing field, that after its slow start. Combine with with the successes of the 3DS and it looks for all intensive purposes Nintendo have a very strong hold over the current generation.

I'm not suggesting the Wii U or 3DS don't have their flaws - as does every machine, simply that with the hugely talented games designers installed at Nintendo, both machines are in very safe hands.

Spooney3231592d ago

Only thing that could make my Wii U better is if it could warm up my pizza pockets.

WitWolfy1592d ago

Only thing that would make my Wii U better is if it had more 3rd party support from developers who couldnt stop praising the console before launch then turning their backs on it acting like they never said anything about the Wii U to begin with.

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