Button Mashers Street Fighter 5 Rumors Shut Down

For the past couple of weeks coming up to the release of Ultra Street Fighter IV there as been rumors of the next installment in the series but that was shut down today by Capcom with a official press release.

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Stevefantisy2223d ago

I wonder how long it will take them?

VTKC2223d ago

it will take as long until they run out of "disc locked content" ideas. AND only then will it happen.

Fixay2222d ago

SF5 is coming don't worry about that

My guess is there waiting for a bigger next gen install base and most of the game is somewhat complete already.

Don't see why they would tease on twitter about a sf for ps4, unless it is some kind of port /:

DCfan2222d ago

They should outsource it to ArcSys

Fireseed2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

What they really NEED to change isn't necessarily related to game play but rather business model. They need to adapt a pricing model similar to Killer Instinct or DOTA 2 where add ons aren't an ENTIRELY new version and fragment the user base. But they also need to have a large roster to begin with.

Heavenly King2222d ago

SF5 needs to have SF3 artstyle.