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Twinfinite writes:

Twinfinite got a hands-on preview for Dying Light and came away loving the gore and interesting mechanics that the game provided.

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Legendary-Status1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

lol I was just looking at this and I was thinking in my head I love the way this game-play's it's really really intense you got b on your toe's every move this game is sick..I can not wait to play this...then when night fall's you def. got bring your A game..cause new zombie's come out at night..& they get smarter stronger faster..but you have a ability a night..called night sense or something...really looking foward to this.. like it's really the power goes out & you have to turn it back on you have to be very strategic in this game..the AI is a strong point in this game this aint dead rising this gon be good im def. getting this next year!