Kojima hopes to tackle controversial themes with AAA design

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima attended E3 in Los Angeles this week to promote Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, which has come under scrutiny in the wake of widespread criticism of the depictions of rape in its predecessor, the prequel game Ground Zeroes.

Gamasutra attended one of many roundtable interview sessions that Kojima participated in during the show to try and learn -- with help from a translator -- a bit more about why he’s chosen to explore darker themes of rape, misery and revenge in his recent work, and how his experience working on The Phantom Pain differs from the projects he tackled earlier in his career.

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AgentSmithPS41591d ago

"Kojima claims his decision to continue working with big-budget teams and technology is handicapping his ability to exercise creative freedom in his work."
"the relationship with the marketing department becomes more difficult,” says Kojima, citing the high risk of big-budget development as a chilling force on designers looking to explore new themes."

That wouldn't be such an issue if the more controversial parts of the game were only accessible to adults.
Someone out there needs to design a simple way to verify adults so we can stop getting nerfed games. Are you the one?