Thoughts on the Destiny Alpha

CCG writer, Adam, tells us his thoughts on Destiny Alpha.

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1682d ago
devileyed1682d ago

I completely agree. I posted about this on another page.

0P-Tigrex1682d ago

I'm looking at the Alpha through Ps4 twitch. I don't like the boring announcer's voice.. I think people will play the game more on the MP side than the Story/MMO side. The game looks, to me like a blend between Halo and Titanfall. My first impressions.

princejb1341682d ago

Really I thought it was more like a halo and borderlands.
Has anyone noticed that the multi player seems like a copy and paste from the halo universe

Ace Killa 081682d ago

If you're a warlock and use the default shotgun the sound will be the same sound as the pistol in halo series. I also noticed the enemies have similar patterns in fighting as halo 3. I've played halo 3 countless hours, seen the vidoc multiple times and I notice some similarities between both games.

Is it a bad thing, not for me. But for others it may be. I still only got a few hours in, but if you are a borderlands and halo fan. You'll like this game, I must say weapons and armor do not drop as much as borderlands does

necksnappa1682d ago

I like it quite a bit. The game is a mix of pc mmo and an FPS. If you are not a pc mmo person I could see you not liking/understanding it. The story seems lacking but this is the alpha. Also this is an online mmo , you can't play this game for 20 minutes and understand it. It's a huge game and we are only getting a small portion. The multiplayer is great.

SIX1682d ago

This is exactly what it is. It's an FPS MMO. I quite like it and I found it hard to put down. It's like Halo/Mass Effect/MMO all rolled in to one. I know a lot of people who will be in to this.

Meltic1682d ago

where the fk is my code ?. i live in europé... this is bs

rustyspoon801682d ago

I received a code last night (UK) so cant wait to try it later. Keep checking your inbox.

Meltic1682d ago

Damn i figured out why now. My PS plus Went out 2 Days ago and meaby they didint wanna give me it then...

Ace Killa 081682d ago

You do need PS+ for the Alpha. As mentioned in Destiny's Alpha FAQ -

"Do I need PS+ to play the First Look Alpha?

Yes." - :( I would give you a five day code, but I'm at work.

SniperControl1682d ago

Same here, from UK, applied for mine 3 days ago, nowt.....

Really disappointed, as this game is one of my most wanted, hopefully i can get into the beta.

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The story is too old to be commented.