High Quality Amiibo Images

Check out these high quality pics of Nintendo’s newly unveiled “Amiibo” figures, set to break open wallets of Nintendo and Smash Bros. fans later this year. Much in the way Skylanders and Disney Infinity have used real-world toys to interact with video games, Nintendo is betting on their stable of insanely popular Smash Bros. playable characters to give gamers a new way to play and collect.

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Spooney3231590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Besides their use in games, these would be incredible to display further showing my love and trust in the one true king of home consoles. Nintendo now and forever xoxoxoxo.

Qrphe1590d ago

They are sure to follow the success of Pokemon Rumble figures

Moonman1590d ago

I won't be able to resist! :)

R00bot1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

These actually look really high quality. I'll probably end up buying a bunch. Mario, Link, Pit, Zelda, Marth and Samus look too sexy to not buy.
That's already 60 bucks if they're $10 each..

Well played Nintendo.

Gezmoyassine1590d ago

I've been wondering,do you have to place the figure on the Gamepad and leave it on it or once the gamepad scans it,you can set it aside?I think having the figurine on the gamepad while playing will make it hard for us to play properly.

BionicRogue211589d ago

No i saw a demo where they scan the figure and then immediately take it off

Gezmoyassine1589d ago

Just as i thought.Thanks for the info!

Tiqila1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

There is one thing I don't understand about amiibos: Do I have to put them on the controller the whole time or just once to load them into the game? Has anyone an idea? I am just a bit worried that in the first case they might get shaken off during intense MK8/SSB sessions...

EDIT: Gezmoyassine was faster...

cellmember1590d ago

I'm sorry but who would be stupid enough to think you would have to leave the ammiibos on top of the gamepad whilst playing. I mean come on of cause you wouldn't.

Gezmoyassine1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I know that..I just wanted to make sure that wasn't the case,that is all my friend :) It doesn't make any sense to keep the figure on the Gamepad while playing.

Tiqila1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

No need to call me stupid only because I assume that not every product is well thought out from day one.

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