Sony At E3: Shawn Layden Review - Can He Beat Jack Tretton?

NowGamer: "Jack Tretton was a bit of a favourite among the internet masses. Something about his persona struck a chord with gamers, and when news of his departure surfaced there was only one question on everyone’s mind…

Who’s going to do E3?

As it turns out, that was Shawn Layden, the replacement for Jack Tretton whose first public appearance debuted at this year’s E3 2014.

With the world watching, how did Shawn Layden fare? We take a look the only way we know how… by reviewing him, of course."

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XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1642d ago ShowReplies(1)
NYC_Gamer1642d ago

The dude reminded me of a politician on stage

xHeavYx1642d ago

I agree, he looked like a CEO, not a dude who enjoys videogames. Not that anyone can replace Jack Tretton though

0P-Tigrex1642d ago

hell.. I would've liked to see KAZ on stage.

nirwanda1642d ago

To me he looked like David Walliams with all the comedy squeezed out of him, I missed the mkX trailer by falling asleep(2:30/3amish UK time) because of him.

Docknoss1641d ago

Is this the Creepy Purple tie fella on stage at E3? Came off like a bad Salesman like Don Mattrick's.

MysticStrummer1642d ago

I thought he looked like a clone hybrid of Jack and someone else, like they grew him in a pod and got him out for the show. I didn't think he was terrible but far from great. He did have to talk his way through the slowest part of the show after all, so I cut him some slack.

Thatguy-3101642d ago

He can't. Jack is simply charismatic. The way he carries himself can't really be imitated. I could just hear that man talk and never get tired of it. Shawn Layden just needs time to get comfortable with the whole gaming scene

GameDev11642d ago

"Shawn Layden just needs time to get comfortable with the whole gaming scene"

Shawn layden is actually pretty comfortable in the gaming scene, he knows his games and has been coming to E3 with Jack Tretton

I think he needs more time in interviews and conferences to show what he is truly like

LOGICWINS1642d ago


Why does Shawn Layden need to "beat" anyone?


Skate-AK1642d ago

Everything is a war. Something has to be better.

Raccoon1642d ago

lmao! I know right, a lot of gamers seem to be very insecure and that why everything is a challenge now in days... no matter what you think about these guys i just worry about delivering what i want and thats games and innovation...

iceman061642d ago

Because the interwebz demand BLOOD!!!! LOL

Ggame1642d ago

This might be the first time for him. I actually still give him another chance to prove himself that he has potential to fully replace Jack.

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The story is too old to be commented.