Dragon Age Inquisition Hands-Off Preview | Twinfinite

Muaz from Twinfinite writes, "BioWare has set the standard for RPGs by consistently releasing successful games since the beginning of the last generation. Now, at the start of a new console cycle, they’re aiming to do it again. Dragon Age Inquisition is their first attempt at a new generation game, and what was shown at E3 is a great first step."

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Kal8531641d ago

Everything I hear about the game sounds great. I having a feeling BioWare is gonna knock this one out of the park!

diesoft1641d ago

Please learn from mistakes of second. Please!

threefootwang1641d ago

The more I see it the better it looks, keeping it coming Bioware!

sungin1641d ago

no downgrade,you have my money