Uncharted 4 Lead Programmer Really Loves PS4: Goal Is to Make the Game Look Better than the Trailer

The good folks at Naughty Dog have given proof of their skills once more with Uncharted 4: A Thief‘s End’s trailer that impressed pretty much everyone at Sony’s press conference, even more so considering that it was fully in-engine.
One of the men behind the beauty of that video is Lead Programmer Christian Gyrling, who expressed his undying love for the console he’s working on.

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GamersHeaven2221d ago

Naughty Dog puts ever other developers to shame.

XiNarutoUzumaki2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

No more CGI cutsecenes!!

The Order and Uncharted 4 are setting another standard in the graphic department this generation

GarrusVakarian2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

"Goal Is to Make the Game Look Better than the Trailer"

BETTER than THIS?-! Talk about setting the bar high. At this rate, the only game that will be able to top UC4, will be another ND game, lmao.

Eonjay2221d ago


Exactly... they are orders of magnitude above the competition as it stands now. I guess they are competing against themselves now.

GameDev12221d ago


I know right? They must be mental to make UC4 in game look better than that and deliver it by 2015

PLASTICA-MAN2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Aim for another galaxy next time lol:

You can do it and I never doubt it!

Edit: Dualshockers just got banned in Neogaf like playstationlifestyle. I wonder why.

Evilsnuggle2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

[email protected]

There is someone seriously BUTTHURT FANBOYS to disagree with your statement .

"The Order and Uncharted 4 are setting another standard in the graphic department this generation"

Haters that disagree with that how ! please name these games with better GRAPHICS than The Order or Uncharted because I have not seen them.

Those other consoles are to weak for graphic like that their last gen 2.0 weak . The gap is gots starting to show .

I didn't know how ND could top the graphic in the Order but they did amazing . you haters must can't bring you'er self to watch the trailer of the Order or Uncharted. Becaus anyone with eyes can see their graphic are The next level true next gen.

First the HATERS xoxo boys said UC4 was CGI found out that it's in game engine. Now it's just cut scenes keep moving the goal post ND going to kick the DAM football out the stadium.

Brazz2221d ago

Look better than the trailer.

Well, they can make the thing run at 1080/60fps, 30fps is a ok, but 60fps whit this graphics is just lol! amazing!

MRMagoo1232221d ago

I cant see how the game could look better, I mean what can they do to make that look better ? I really dont think its gets any better but colour me surprised if they some how break the laws of physics and do it.

starchild2221d ago

Yep, pretty much. Raising the bar again.

I have to so, though, that I'm surprised that Ready At Dawn, a relatively small studio that worked mostly on PSP games, is now bringing something like The Order 1886 to the gaming world. THAT, to me, is the biggest surprise.

Not to diminish Naughty Dog's accomplishments, because they are amazing, but most of us could have predicted Uncharted 4 would be another bar-raising game from them. On the other hand I would have NEVER expected something of the caliber of The Order 1886 from Ready At Dawn on their first PS4 game, despite their great work on the PSP God of War games. It's one of the more pleasant surprises of this new generation.

Destrania2221d ago

With Sony's first party this gen we'll be seeing a lot of 'captured directly from a PS4' because otherwise nobody would believe that what they're seeing isn't cgi. Incredible.

Oner2221d ago

Don't forget that whatever tricks ND learns/works out will passed onto other games too!

ShinMaster2220d ago

I was pretty impressed by the lighting in Uncharted 3:

UltraNova2220d ago

Well if the game ends up running 1080p/60fps then ND...

I have no words left.

XiSasukeUchiha2220d ago

Naruto, nobody can hate ND now, and any Xbox fans are getting really mad because their still in denial about all this, I'm getting really off topic by saying all fanboys can be just hypocrites about their platform.

MysticStrummer2220d ago

A friend texted me today saying how awesome and movie quality looking the UC4 CGI cutscene was. He was blown away when I told him it was just the beginning of a level.

amnalehu2216d ago

Don't forget Bloodborne. Graphically it will also be a powerhouse. I think that was the biggest surprise of E3.

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Abash2221d ago

At this rate I'm convinced Naughty Dog is set out to make our eyes burst from how amazing Uncharted 4 looks

Ipunchbabiesforfun2221d ago

they want to handicap me? Is this a world takeover attempt? :(

Am-No-Hero2221d ago

" You can't see me "

all developers reaction when they saw UN4 trailer LOL

HighResHero2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Graphically maybe.
I'm still more interested in Bloodborne myself but UC4 will be great too.
I love how silent PC graphics elitists have been though(typing on my gaming laptop).
I said PS4 games could look as good or better than most PC games for a while, but at around 1080p. I got disagrees and rude remarks. I figured I'd let the games do the talking.
They don't wan't to doubt ND either because they know they'll be eating their words again.

sorane2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

"I love how silent PC graphics elitists have been though(typing on my gaming laptop)."

You must be looking in the wrong place because I've seen tons of PC guys commenting. Personally I think it looks great. I just think other games are much more impressive. Games like Witcher 3, Division, the new Batman, etc that have amazing scale,gameplay, and graphics. Stick Witcher 3 in a linear tightly controlled corridor, shrink the size of the world by 99%, shrink gameplay hours by about 192 hours, limit gameplay to swing sword&jump, and you'll have a game that looks just as good if not better.

ssj272221d ago

It's a fact. . Look at @sorane lol a PC elitist who has the balls to say that the wicher 3 looks better lol it looks bad and far way more inferior than uncharted 4.. I do agree Batman looks amazing (I bet it will not look that amazing on my ps4 and if it does I will get it day 1) but Uncharted 4 level of quality is still far superior. In the end they are different experiences and Batman and uncharted are amazing games no meters what or which one looks better. .

But the wicher 3 look like is a generation behind those two games in term of Graf and quality. .

Destrania2221d ago


Um, The Witcher 3 looks incredible and will certainly be a great epic-scale rpg. Cool thing is I can play that as well as Uncharted on my PS4. Win-win.

sorane2221d ago


Are you really trying to call someone else a fanboy? I'm surprised you haven't changed your name legally to Cerny yet. Now you're gonna say Witcher 3 "lol it looks bad and far way more inferior than uncharted 4" haha I find that just laughable.

"But the wicher 3 look like is a generation behind those two games in term of Graf and quality." hahahaha yeah ok I'd love to see what U4 would look like if it even had 1/100th of the things going on as the Witcher 3. Seeing how ND still doesn't have a game released that looks as good as the Witcher 2 I have no doubt that the Witcher guys could make a short tight linear corridor "cinematic" game that looks just as good if not better.

Imalwaysright2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Batman and The Witcher 3 are much more ambitious games than Uncharted will ever be. Add to that the fact that CD RED and Rocksteady have to spread their budget and resources for 3 platforms while ND just have to focus on 1. I guarantee you, if CD was making the Witcher 3 exclusively for PC it would easily surpass Uncharted 4 graphical fidelity.

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MegaRay2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Not really. If others developers has the same freedom and budget ND has, they would've done better (or equal) job.
By that I am referring to Square's developers and specially Nomura.

@Disagrees: i am not denying ND's awesomeness, but i dont down other developers cuz of ND

wastedcells2221d ago

The guys at the sony booth said that trailer was from an actual level, no cg at all. The cut scenes are going to be like the order which are all in game so you go straight into game play without loading or taking you out of the action. Really cool.

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XiNarutoUzumaki2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Goddammit Naughty Doge.

I Love You!

SamPao2221d ago

hahaha they just went crazy :D :D I like it

HighResHero2221d ago

Funny how they could say something so seemingly crazy and you'd almost have to be crazy to doubt them.

ziggurcat2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

if they manage to make the game look *better* than the trailer... god help us all...

0P-Tigrex2221d ago

Only way to do that is to make CGI quality gameplay. I believe in the Dogs.