Want to Know Who You Can Trust as an “Insider”?

OnlySP: So, the term “insider” has become a much used term across gaming news outlets, including OnlySP over the past few months. Lots of things have been said, some true and some not. So, let’s take a look at the insiders that have been providing information that can be actually trusted, amongst other sources.

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thorstein1589d ago

Even Thuway's "Confirmed" are pretty lame: Castlevania Souls as project Beast. It is not even close to anything Castlevania.

PockyKing1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

They're both Gothic, that's why he called it Castlevania esque.

Edit: The developers have even said it's the theme/setting of the game. Which is what Castlevania was. I mean, sure its questionable what he said, but I think Castlevania Souls was pretty indicative of what Bloodborne is.

thorstein1589d ago

Gothic Narrative includes romance and horror. While both have horror, I honestly doubt Bloodborne has any romance at all.

If your claiming gothic "art" well, that is "Romanesque" and this game looks more like 19th century England than it does ancient Rome.

thorstein1589d ago

Oh. Do you mean, From Software says, "Bloodborne is Gothic" or that they said it is like "Castelvania."

I can see them claiming Gothic, certainly, but to compare to Castelvania....that's a stretch. There are guns in the game.

PockyKing1589d ago

Yea I'm not comparing to Castlevania at all gameplay wise, I'm going off what Thuway called it, which was "sort of" correct. At least, I can see what he was getting at.

ThatKanadianKid1589d ago

Thuway and Pete Dodd are both jokes. At least Dodd knew when to quit, Thuway probably won't. Shinobi is pretty awesome though, if you follow him on Twitter you can tell he gets annoyed by everyone asking him if he knows something about just about everything, but he never lies and he doesn't act like a moron like Thuway does and points out gamers for their console preference as his "enemies".

Eonjay1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Shinobi is the best
NKTRNL is a mole or an incredible hacker. He predicted so much stuff that Microsoft was allegedly seeking legal action. He also is the one responsible for ruining Microsoft's E3 and leaking Titanfall bundle so on a so forth.

Dlacy13g1589d ago

Yeah, kinda wish he hadn't been right. MS conference was really good and would have been better without having scene that leak. Also, NKTRNL seems to have gone aidos after that leak.

Eonjay1589d ago

Well, that handle was obviously created specifically for detailing this leak.

user95589031589d ago

I'm inside right now. In fact I'm inside almost every night. So I'm an insider