Thrustmaster unveils Ferrari GTE rim for T300 PS4 wheel

VVV: "Thrustmaster has revealed its first PS4-compatible wheel design: the T300 Ferrari GTE."

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771678d ago

I want it baaaaaadah!!!!!!!!

Afistnu1677d ago

It cost $100 more than the PS4 it's self... Now how about a non ferrari logo for half the price?

itisallaboutps1677d ago

My tr 500 still good but gt 6 wasnt worthy enough for it

Boody-Bandit1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

It's the same damn GTE add-on wheel that is compatible with their T500 and TX 458. I already own this add-on. for My T500 and TX 458. Once I purchase a T300 I will simply unplug it from my Tx 458 and plug it into my T300 and I'm good to go.

Thrustmaster unveiled nothing.

TXIDarkAvenger1677d ago

How is this so much money? It doesn't even have an H-Shifter.

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